Sugar Rush

by - July 31, 2017

Have you ever heard a quote of "a best friend is the one who said yes for everything..". I dont know how exactly the quote, but it's kind of similar to its meaning.

So that's how we are.

Roadtrip? Yes!

Movie? Yes!

Karok? Yes!

Solat! Yes!

Makan? Double yessss!!!!! 

Always do something out of plan. We went out to somewhere and i just wearing a cardigan with selipar Jepun and flip flip my shawl because my role was only staying in the car, so that my friend dont have to pay for parking park. Clever. On the way driving home, Jaja just "Are you hungry Noni? I know you are hungry...lets go for the dessert?" Dessert amende aku ni dinner pun belum *rolling eyes*

"Haaa? Where are we going?" "Sugar Rush!,nah take my phone and waze for it"

Hello? I'm not even agreed yet.

So that was how i went there. "Oh i knew this place, it is an expensive place, i just only wear selipar Jepun, is it alright? "Ahh, who cares"

Im not into sweet dessert, except for chocolate! I go crazy for chocolate! But if you want me to choose, i will choose fried chicken over this sweet food. But the environment is kinda good for a date. Ops. 

Waffer RM6 + Strawberry Ice Cream Rm3 + Unicorn Sprinkle Topping Rm1

Lalalalalalalala bye.

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