Sunday, December 10, 2017

Big Bad Wolf

Finally, i got a chance to go to the Big Bad Wolf book fair this year. The books were so cheap, half and above the discounts. I was so shocked seeing everyone pulled a full of trolley with the books. Each of them bought a lot of books. A LOT! Are you really read all of the books you brought?? So amazing. You have my respect.

Actually what's the meaning of BBW? I'm still wondering hmmhmm. Can anyone xplain?

I went there with Ain. And this is what I got for myself.

Three is more than enough for a newbie likes me.

Actually, before went there, I had listed & reviewed some interesting books to buy but unfortunately, they were not there! I'm so frustrating but I hope these books are interesting to read!

Till then. I hope I can finish reading these.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Durian SS2 Petaling Jaya.

Tulis post ni sambil teringat rasa lemak lemak manis buah durian dalam mulut, bau durian kat hidung perghhh.

It has been almost year (or more?) since i ate durian. Lama gila craving nak makan durian, dua tiga kali musim durian passed tapi still aku tak dapat durian. Tak pandai nak beli sendiri selama ni arwah ayah yg beli. 5 tahun dah ayah takde........

Aku balik kampung aritu memang nakk sangat makan durian, tapi semua cakap durian mahal durian mahal makan kat kuala lumpur je laaa. Tapi hakikatnya diorang ingat aku pandai ke beli durian?

Kene tipu harga pun aku iya kan je nanti.

So, disebabkan aku tak pandai nak beli durian, hahaha and aku rasa harga makan buffet RM50 per head ni sangat berbaloii walaupun yee aku tahu agak mahal, tapi lantaklah aku dah bertahun tak makan durian nii. Kalau kira kilo, dia etak RM25/kilo.

Aku pergi makan dekat Durian SS2 sebab tempat ni just around the corner dari rumah aku. Pekerja dia sangat peramah and service tiptop. Kau datang duduk je, terus dia serve. Aku datang berdua aje.

Seminit lepas duduk, ni hasil dia hamparkan atas meja aku. Terkejut Hahahaha mampu gelak jee.

Yang isi warna kuning kuning tu sedap gila. Tapi yang peliknya hmmm, bila aku mintak topup lagi durian isi yang kuning ni, diorang cakap dah habis. 3x aku mintak. 3x jugak dia cakap dah habis dik tinggal yang isi pucat-pucat tu je. Pastu bila aku tengok orang yang baru masuk nak makan, ade pulak dia bagi yang isi kuning ni. Aku rasa buah durian yang mahal tu diorang terhad kan.

Agak geram lah jugak, tapi takpelah, perut aku pun dah takleh nak sumbat dah.

Okay, mengidam durian dah habis. Tak makan setahun pun takpe dah hiikks ❋

Good Nite!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Do this blog still has an owner? Yaaaa Im wondering too.

I missed this site.

Manual cendawan goreng to myself.
Cendawan goreng pun nak ade resepi kee hahaha lantaklaaah.

Last week was the 4th attempts I made Cendawan Goreng. It went well! I need to jot down the manual here for my reference again next time! Wont repeat the mistake again.

Cendawan Goreng. It looks easy right? As easy as its name. Take mushroom and fry. Done and eat!

I tried goreng cendawan for the first time before, but it went bad (wet, too oily). So i tried again for the second time. And it went well! So good. And after a lonnngggggg time i tried again for the third time, but I got confuse how was i did it. I got confuse between the 1st attempt and 2nd attempts. And it went bad again. The taste was good. I finished it all but the texture was thumb down.

And after succeed this 4 attempt, lets me use this space so that next time I do not have to google it anywhere and repeat the mistake again. Two failed times making was because i made it like goreng pisang. Pour the water into the flour. Which is wrong guys (i took the recipe from internet)

What you need :

🐋 Tepung Ayam. (Spicy/ori)
🐋 Cendawan
🐋 Telur.

   Prepare 3 separate bowls for mushroom, flour and egg. Tossed dry the mushroom from water.
Heat the oil until the oil is very hot.
Take mushroom and dip in the egg and then flour and fry it in the oil.
Make sure the flour is dry.

Till then! Nyum nyummmm ❤

Monday, November 27, 2017


Tik tok tik tokk

The clock was ticking slowly to 12AM entering 17November. I wish I could wait to wish a happy birthday to myself but my eyes was so heavy to stay awake. The last time I checked on the clock was 1140PM then after that I just threw my phone away and closed my eyes. Dozed off.


I woke up with a bright mood! Today is my birthday! Eventho no one would cheer me up today, I promised myself I would. I will give myself a beautiful day to be remember. I want today be such a good memory. I checked on my phone and mommy was the first one who wished me a blessful birthday wish! Love you mum to the moon and its back! 

Frankly speaking, TWENTY FIVE is such a big number for me.

I'm not ready and never will be.

And I wish I could turn back time.

It was Friday and I went to the office expecting nothing, plus no one knew my birthdate. Surprising, after the stand up meeting, Mima told people to sing me a happy birthday song. I was so shy. Hey peolpe can you just whisper to my ears instead of shout it out? Huhu. But actually it was so heart warming. After that I keep receiving wishes from my friends virtually and thru my phone.

In the evening, a few minutes before the office hour ended, my collagues made me this surprise :

Honestly i'm so touched. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.