Sunday, September 24, 2017

What will you do?..

I touched end call button on my phone's screen.

Silence. Wipe off my tears.

*idk how to story this*

I just finished talking to my friend on the phone. 10 minutes ealier, she called me with the terrible voice. What wrong dear? She cried. With heavy waterfall until I hardly understand what she said.

Calm down. Slow down.

"I dont want to get married. This engagement is going to end...."

"Be story dear. Kuat sikit! Biasalah tu dugaan tunang. Sebulan je lagi tinggal..."

And the conversation goes on and on...

I am silent by myself now, staring to the ceiling. Yes, argument is normal especially when you're a step closer to your marriage.

"He insluted me! He insluted my low salary and my no-car. Dulu masa aku nak beli kereta dia jugak cakap simpan duit tuk kahwin, guna je kereta dia...Dia sedar tak dengan gaji ciput ni lah yang selalu bahagia kan dia beli dia present, buat suprise??!"

I try to put myself on her shoes. What if i'm she? I dont think I can positive anymore after someone I hardly love discourage me. How I'm gonna to live with someone who's always throwing out the tantrum on a small thing and always bring out an existence of other girl as threatening 'I'm not scare of losing you'.

'...but still I do love him with all of my heart'.

You can forgive but you'll never forget because once the glass is broke, even if you gluing the broken pieces together, it wont be the same glass anymore.

I wish for your happiness darling. Keep on fighting because its gonna worth.

But really..what's I'm in her shoes?

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Hi Good Morning ^^,

Mencari tempat menarik di Pahang? Lets me introduce you with one of interesting place! :)

Untuk hari kedua, kitaorang decide untuk pergi Pusat Konservasi Gajah Kebangsaan, Kuala Gandah. Bukan senang nak cari masa lain yang free, so alang-alang semua dah berkumpul, we decided to spend a little more time together. Kiteorang bertolak dari Jengka around 12pm lepas habis touring Jengka and food hunting. 

Operation hours / Waktu Operasi : 8 pagi – 4.30 petang.

Exit Lanchang.
Dalam sejam setengah, kiteorang sampai kat Kuala Gandah. Dari Jengka, kitaorang masuk highway Cenor, then exit Lanchang. And from exit Lanchang, about 10km far inside, dah boleh sampai. Of course la kan? Takkan dia nak letak gajah tengah Bandar pulak? Ngeeeee. Jalan ke dalam memang sunyi and sempit gila. Jangan bawak laju laju sebab jalan banyak rosak. And not need to worry kalau takda waze, follow je signboard dari exit tadi. Inshaallah sampai.

Trip To Degree (UiTM Jengka)

16 & 17 SEPTEMBER 2017

One of my best friend, (UiTM's friend) is getting married end of this year. When its comes to a marriage, we're always...okay, not we, it's only me.... i'm always getting emotional and sentimental like my friend is going to leave me foreveeerrr farr farr away. So, before she ties with her husband, and say 'no-more' to sleepover, we are planning to have a simple getaway together.

We (Zaty, Sue, Jaja, Ain & Me) chose UiTM Jengka, Pahang as a main destination as our friendship was born from there. Even the planning part already made us extremely excited! We cant wait! I think this trip gonna be super fun as its will reminisces us with a lot of things. Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain. Lol bermain -.- We missed the room we used to sleep, the class we used to study, the roads we took every single days and the bengkel we struggled for FYP. We missed a lot of things there, hmmm, lets me be honest, actually kiteorang rindu makanan Jengka the most!! Of course tak rindu part study heeeee

The trip started early on Satuday's morning. Fetched up Zaty n Sue at Shah Alam and fuelled up our stomach with heavy breakfast at Seksyen 3. The day was so bright and we laughed a lot.

After almost 3 hours, we reached our destination and went straight to the hotel to check in. As it was still early for Zuhur's prayer, we started our touring in UiTM.



Ahh so tired. I just wanna close my eyes right now but unfortunately I'm at outside.
So sabarlah sikit lagi ye. So, lets blog!

Today is a public holiday and so Jaja and I were making a last minute plan to go swimming. Luckily, i knew one of the best swimming pool in Petaling Jaya but I never go swim there. Tahu pun sebab pernah teman someone before. Ehem.

We went there at 9AM. The pool is located near to Paradigm Mall. Parking is free for public and weekend, but i've no idea for weekdays. Here is the latest entrance fee.


There are 3 large pools provided ; one is for children and family, one is strictly for girl and one is mix I guess? I just loveeee this place because it was quite relaxing as it was not crowded at all (or I just get lucky this time?) and i really really enjoyed a big freedom in a pool. We swam from north to south, west to east freelyyyy wheeeee~The water is so clean and the odor of chlorine is almost gone.

Swimming pool lelaki

Swimming pool perempuan.
Nampak tak kosong dia cane? Adalah lam 10 orang je masa ni.

Wear entire?

Yes, i dont know they gonna be so strict for this. Kiteorang pakai baju jersey sesiap dengan harapan yg tinggi dapatlah masuk pool. Butt teettt! We were wrong. Dari jauh life guard datang bagitau baju kiteorang tak lepas. Huh!! So we need to rent swimming suit provided with RM5. Luckily ada kan?, kalau tak sesia bayar entrance fee, kena halau keluar huu. P/s: If you are a girl, make sure you prepare inner sesiap kalau nak sewa suit sebab baju dia ada lubang lubang and tak banyak baju lengan panjang.

We spent almost 2 hours there, dan rasanya kiteorang penggunjung yang paling lama hahaha. I enjoyed swimming but I wish I were better. I not really able to catch up to breath while swim. So, banyak kali jugak lah tertelan air wuuuuuuuuu. Pastu mudah je semputt. Itsokehh practise make perfect!

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Till then.