Wednesday, August 23, 2017

God, please bless me!

Look. What is that.

It's me, holding a cup of instant noodle outside of house. At Night.

It's 2236pm by now. Writing this with my back rests heavenly on bed (finaaaaallyyy), towel twists on my head and earphone stucks in my ears. River of tears by Alessandra Cara play in the background. For the thousand times i keep repeat that song today. I'm just finished enjoying 15 minutes of cold shower after coming home late from the office. My eyes are about to close.

I'm tired.

For the first time, i wish time could ticking slower during the office hour. This is so ridiculous for me. Short while ago, when I saw Keith walk passed me with the bag and ready to leave the office, I was wondering why he is going back too early. Then I tot 'oh maybe he has urgent'. And suddenly everyone was cleaning up the table and picking up their bag, I was like 'heyy waitt where are you guys going? Oh what? it's already 530pm??!'

For the God's sake, I still have a lot things to do. And for the first time being, i wish lets it be 3pm again.

Nobody ever wishes that okay!!

Actually, this month is the shortest working days i gonna have. I only work for 13 days instead of 23 days. Hehehehehehe. Had a week of MC, a day of EL, 2 days of public leave and gonna have 3 days of AL for Hari Raya Haji later. So all of my wooorrrrksssss have to be done before this Friday in which I've 3 days left.

So i need to sacrifice myself to stay back now.

Actually, the point I wanna highlight here is I'm so tired and i'm going to sleep now in a couple of minutes with the empty stomach again. So that instant noodle in the picture? I don't like instant noodle, and it has been a-very-long-time-ago since i ate it. I just bought it because i feel guilty to my stomach as I've nothing to offer. Yeah i wont eat it.  I'm a lil bit disappointed now because i promised myself i wont skip dinner anymore. But sleeping seem more delicious right now.



Damnnnn. Woke up at 3 and my stomach hurt again! 
Arghhhhh. Cant sleep!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Stomach...

Dear my precious stomach,

You know, deep inside, I do hope we can texting each other a lot so that i will take noted on what you likes and dislikes whenever i feed you. You know, I've spending a lot of money for you everyday in intention you can live longer and we can live happily together. But I dont know why these day it seems like you are rejecting some of my happy treats. Why my dear? And because of that, I'm suffering a lot. Do youuuu knowwwww??!!! Aihh.

Dear my love, one and only stomach,

Here i would like to apologize for always sometimes ignoring you like really ignore, especially at night because i always choose to sleep over you. Please do understand that I'm sooooo tiredddddd. Here is my post love letter to you dearest with highly hope you do read and follow everything good.

Are you the sensitive one?

Here is the list of foods you cant eat ;
  • Susu + soya (with empty stomach/sick)
    whyyyyy dearrrr whyyyyy. You know right how much i love susu. Saying bye bye to dutch lady? Noooo!! Milo with sugar? Capital NOOOOO!!!!
    Is soy sauce included? Hurm?
  • Puasa protein for a while (masa sakit)
    I can ignore for meat, egg and fish. Nevermind. But chicken? Hmm i don't think so *crying*
  • Oily food.
    Oh wait, i just brought this cempedak goreng. The half already go thru my mouth and still have half balance here. Should i throw it? No right? K thanks.
  • Kekacang
    Yes sure, since i dont eat peanut. But almond nut is not include right? *smirk*
  • Carbonated drink.
    Yes, sure too, no problem. But i can cheat during Hari Raya right? Hahaha k kidding.

And here is some tips for you ;

  • Eat kurma regularly.
  • Drink a lot of waters (then pee a lots )
  • Dont skip breakfast (seriously i should stay with mum)
  • Dont let your stomach asks for food.
  • Dont eat too late at night as acid will having a party.
  • Avoid spicy food and sour food ( exclude mangga putik cicah garam hikss)
  • Avoid painkiller (????)
  • Avoid frozen foods.

Actually, it's not a big deal for me to avoid a lot of foods, I can live with rice and chicken, but the big problem is to eat on time. Seriously, in a month you can count how many times I take breakfast and how many times I skipped dinner. Adoi. It's hard.

But anyway you have no choice. I'm doing this for you stomach!

Goodluck for us!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Giveaway by LZ

It's 1AM right now and my eyes still wide open. Lets blame coffee for this.
So, i found this giveaway while having a blogwalking just now.
Trying my luck ;)

Hi LZ,
The first thing yang I suka bout your blog is a white background. I suka white background sebab dia tak sakitkan mata untuk baca post kita. Your blog is well organized too! Menarik dan senang untuk baca others entry. Dan ringan jugak! So it saves my time. Hihi.

ig : @nonishuhada_

Nice to knoww youuuu!