Thursday, December 29, 2016


When you have a comfortable friend and you dont mind to talk anything with her ;
"Ima, Ima happy x?"
"Happy mcm mana tu Noni? Specific kan. Happy ni boleh dtg dalam banyak keadaan.."
"Ntah la ima, generally. Knape Noni rase Noni xhappy?"
"Banyak kan baca alquran"
Gedebuk buah nangka jatuh. Hehe.
Ntahlah, I was too broke lately, everyday there is the time which i will sigh hard and cry alone. Mengelamun, prefer spent time alone. Tak baik kan? Tapi memang most of time depan pc je mesti bergenang air mata pastu cepat cepat sapu. Bukan nya nak sangat pun jadi cenggeng tapi dia macam involuntary action.
Ya Allah,
Only You knew what had I passed thru. I know it's nothing big to You. And I know I suppose to go thru your test excellently. I asked you, form the depth of my heart, to make this one healing quick. Make the bleeding stop quickly. Cocoon my heart and my soul to not feel the pain until it has healed. And I ask you by your loving mercy, to replace all that lost with what will bring joy and contentment and coolness of the eyes. Lets this test make me close to you Allah :'(
I need to learn more. I need to be better. Let go yang lepas. Dont ever force people to stay. 
Cheer upp sayang!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Good Company!

Good Morning!

Having a good accompany in a your life must be a grateful thing that you should keep of. A good term of company in which you can go crazy and weird without worry for being judge by the silly things you might be do. A good accompany in which they will be with you to do fun things together and please to fulfill your fairytale dreams and your craving-ness together. Or in the other word, "dont worry dear,i'm here with you" "lets just have some fun!".  Proudly saying, i do have and i used to have (well, people leave anyway).

As my friends should notice, i'm so much in love with sun and beach. It's a so so so undeniable beautiful and perfect combo! When we are out for somewhere, or any roadtrip, i always asked, "do we have time for sunset?" "can we go watch sunset?" Even when I was in the car, i will easily enjoyed that beautiful moment. Sunset sure give me a lot of memories. Some people may think im so mengada, but like what i said, a good accompany wont judge you, you dont have to worry, this is why you should feel so grateful if you have them.  You wont feel embarrassed for doing the weird thing you like. Instead they will support you. Remember when I was driving and muttering in the car, "cantiknyaaa cantiknyaaa matahari tu nak terbenammm"  for more 3 times! but ya, I still need to focus on my road, then Jaja asked me, "Do you want me to take the picture of it?" You sure are a good accompany! Or maybe she just want me to keep quiet muehehe

Flashing back to my roadtrip in Penang, i put a 'sunset' for everyday in the tentative. The first day, we missed it because we were stuck in the jammed. And the next day, you need to payback for it! Hahahaha. We checked out early from the hotel, just to have picnic on the beach watching the sun and enjoying the sound of the wave. Having a relax day just by pampering yourself with the nature and peace. They sure a good accompany!

Having Nasik Lemak in the early morning at the beach.

The best friends.

And i remember how i annoyed my boyfriend to wake up and forced him to get out from his bed to walk me along the beach early in the morning. Sat on the rock, watched the beautiful ocean and grabbed the breakfast. It is just simple things to enjoy and I feel so much in love when someone willing to fulfill my nonsense wish. 

 Sunrise dah jadi sunshine.

Back to Penang's memory again for the second trip, when i requested to watch sunset before i went back to KL. At that time when he is not longer my bf, and again once he was willing to understand my nonsense desire really melt my heart. He drove me to the one restaurant at Pantai Bersih, ordered a set of dinner and show me his favorite spot. "Here i come sometimes........." The sun was just at the perfect spot and timing. I really enjoyed the beautiful of sunset and you my dear. I do love you and will always do. 

The best sunset dinner because there is you. 

Love isn’t just between man and woman. Love for your friends is also important and once you feel sad when they’re sad and happy when they’re happy, you know you’ve found a pretty awesome thing -someone.

May Allah bless all of my friends.

A good accompany in life sure a great blessing. May Allah keep them in my life.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Have Fun in Penang!

A suprise birthday present!

Gonna make a post how I am so lucky for the second sun at Pantai Bersih Penang.
And thanks for the romantic dinner accompany with the beautiful sunset just as much as I dreamed.

I dont care if there is someone better than you because to me you are the right one and the only one that i want! ❤

Thanks for 2 days dear!