by - December 29, 2016

When you have a comfortable friend and you dont mind to talk anything with her ;
"Ima, Ima happy x?"
"Happy mcm mana tu Noni? Specific kan. Happy ni boleh dtg dalam banyak keadaan.."
"Ntah la ima, generally. Knape Noni rase Noni xhappy?"
"Banyak kan baca alquran"
Gedebuk buah nangka jatuh. Hehe.
Ntahlah, I was too broke lately, everyday there is the time which i will sigh hard and cry alone. Mengelamun, prefer spent time alone. Tak baik kan? Tapi memang most of time depan pc je mesti bergenang air mata pastu cepat cepat sapu. Bukan nya nak sangat pun jadi cenggeng tapi dia macam involuntary action.
Ya Allah,
Only You knew what had I passed thru. I know it's nothing big to You. And I know I suppose to go thru your test excellently. I asked you, form the depth of my heart, to make this one healing quick. Make the bleeding stop quickly. Cocoon my heart and my soul to not feel the pain until it has healed. And I ask you by your loving mercy, to replace all that lost with what will bring joy and contentment and coolness of the eyes. Lets this test make me close to you Allah :'(
I need to learn more. I need to be better. Let go yang lepas. Dont ever force people to stay. 
Cheer upp sayang!

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