Friday, May 12, 2017


Look at the water's color ya Allaaahhh i wanna swimm swimm

I never dream that one day I will leave my footprints in the white sand of Krabi Island. And I still can’t believe it now  - looking at the picture and wow i've been there!!! hahaha. Krabi is the MUST place to go when you are in nearest to this southnest of Thailand. So, as yesterday (Part 1) we had found the most affordable price for island hopping’s package, so here we were. The package was included for transportation go & return, lunch, fruits & snorkelling’s tool. So you just have to prepare yourself ; mental & physical.

Before going to the boat, we had a simple briefing about the things we can and can’t when snorkelling, the PIC was so funny & friendly. Luckily, four of us got an extra guarding from abang-abang guard there as maybe we were the youngest or we needed an extra care because we are Islam. They also prepared the light breakfast & seasick medicine (I skipped this medicine because I never have seasick and pheww lucky, I put it in my zipped pocket). Yang lain semua seksi okay. Semua pakai bikini -.-
In the boat

It took almost an hour from my side - Phuket (i dont know the exact name) - to Maya Bay, Krabi by boat. The water is so so so beautiful, it’s a crystal-blue-green-turqoise in color. I was amazed with the beauty of scenery there. Water, rock, cave, trees everything are so stunning. SubhanaAllah. I enjoyed every second of the beauty. Dont ever think to blink eyes, dont ever think to blink.  I can’t clearly remember how many stops that we had but I will try my best to recall hikss. The 1st stop was a ‘Monkey stop’ (ok i named it by myself). We stopped just for 15 minutes. A lot of big and aggressive monkeys were greeting us there. Extra take care of your belonging, because they were so bad okay, they could take your phone, dslr, handbag or wateva they want. Ok new named, they are a stealing monkey. The second stop was a snorkelling stop. The third one was Phi-Phi Island/Maya Bay, the most famous stop for island hopping. The forth one was eagle stop?? Oh sorry i can’t focus anymore as  SUDDENLYYY I had a seasick.

They are so friendly.
Maya Bay. Four and only girls wearing scarf there.

Phi Phi Island, Maya Bay, Krabi, Phuket

It's a famous, hottest and largest island to be visited. A famous island for scuba-diving, snorkelling, fishing and filming industry too. You can google for the rest. What I want to highlight is, the island is properly-maintained. Have toilet, shops, a beautiful signboard, a clean beach and an organized attractive landscapes. You cant stop yourself from stunned. There is a hidden beauty at the back from the beach that you NEED to explore. It's so beautiful but need a little-worth walking steps-in-about-10 minutes to go there. But trust me, its worth.

Snorkelling in Krabi Island was the worst i ever had. I can’t believe I puked for two times in the boat!!! And Ina was too. Seriouslyyy seasicccckkkkk??!! I was a little grumpy to myself at first, I ashamed as everyone looking at us, but yeah, don’t care anymore as my health was more important. I've been snorkelling at Perhentian & Redang Islands before, and I always enjoying my best with the water, fishes and coral but not for this time. Arghh. The water was so choppy. Ataupun orang cakap air-berkocak teruk. Once I jumped into the water for snorkelling, I can’t control the tempo of my breath, which is the most important thing to be take care of once you enter the water. I tried my best to calm, but I only enjoyed for first 15 minutes in the water for photo (of course, it’s a must!). Try to peek into the water for fish and coral, but guess what, the water was so deep & not clear. I cant clearly see what was above there. Arghhh, Ikan pun tak berapa nak ada. To be compared, snorkelling at Perhentian was the best! #lovemyhometown

But of course, it was a super great experience!
Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island.
Goodbye Krabi, Hope to see you again!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Touring Around Phuket, Thailand (1)


The moment i write this entry, believe me I already forget half of the memory, bhahahaha so before I completely forget all of them, lets me at least write some, hikhiks. The trip was so gamble. I went there with 3 of my friends, Shima, Ina and Ain for 5 days 4 nights yang semua tak pernah pun sampai sini and semuanyaaa perempuan okehhh! That was my first time flying out over the country.

Thehehehhe. Just holding the passport making me really excited.

The flight was at okay I cant remeber. The flight was at night from KLIA and landed at Phuket at night too. Of course lah bukannya jauh sgt pun hehe. Beza masa antara MY + TH ialah satu jam awal. TH awal satu jam dari MY. Once landed sana, majority kedai dah tutup, manusia dekat airport pun dah takda sangat. Kiteorang stop jap cari simcard TH then kitaorang ambik teksi to homestay. About 40 minutes jugak lah. The driver was so nice, trying his best to comunicate with us by his body languange sebab dia tak pandai nak speaking. Dah macam itik dengan ayam kiteorang borak. So 40minutes in the car filled with laughter. Arrived at the homestay by midnight (it was so so far walking distance between the hotel center and the real room. sigh) and gotta clean ourselves and sleep.

Kapkupkapppp Thailand!!

  • Touring Around

On the first day, we were just touring around Phuket town to survey the cheapest package for tomorrow's snorkeling. We were looking for the halal's restaurant as we were so hungrehhhhhh but it was so hardddd. Ohmakhaii engkauu punya lah jauh kedainya, tapi makanan dia sebbaik sodappp. tomyam takleh lawan Mesia! hihi. 3x aku repeat makan tomyam kedai ni.
Trying their famous street food, pancake pisang coklat. Hmm terliur lah pulak memalam ni -.-

Trying Tuk Tuk for the first time. Tapi harga dia boleh tahaaaaaannnn jugak, so otw balik dari Old Phuket Town kiteorang just naik open air bus yang harga dia so much cheaper dari tuk tuk huhu

Phuket Old Town.
Cantik gila lukisan dia lukis lam tempurung tuuuu.

  • Patong Beach Street

Okay, sampai sini  aku culture shock sikit. Ohmakhai, gila seksi semua orang. Jalan ni dari hujung ke hujung panjang, aku kena jugak merentasi sampai habis sebab nak balik rumah sebelah sana. Tak tahu lah nak describe macam mana tapi tempat ni "not good" patutlah driver taxi cakap macam tu hari tu hihi. Bar penuh along this street, orang perempuan seksi semua, orang mabuk, pelacur cari duit, penari tiang etc etc..Yang pakai tudung aku rasa berapa ketul je sangat. Alhamdulillah nothing happened to us. Diorang memang nampak yang pakai tudung terus tak offer pape. Ni kalau mati kat jalan ni kira mati macam mana ni? hahaha

Pen off, gtg nak teman mak pergi pasar hihi