A Photoshot & Beautiful Sunset! -Part 3

by - August 01, 2017


So after one hour of driving from Shah Alam, we arrived at the Pantai Indah Seaview Resort (near to Pantai Remis & The Cabin), Kuala Selangor. We cleaned ourselves, prayed, and have a short rest (Not really rest bcse we can’t stop from chatting). Setting a time for the next activity is a must to make sure we are not late or miss the next activity. So after Asar, we agreed to get ready for the photoshot time!

Pink theme was chosen!

We've planning to reminisce the old photo of us as a token of our aged-friendship. We must took a picture with the same position as the old one. It went so chaotic! I didn’t know it will go this hard. Hahaha. We spent almost an hour and snapped almost 50+ of pictures to make sure the photo are similar as before. It was so tired and I almost gave up! Thanks God, after putting so much effort, the photo were so pretty! We had so much laughing time.

Pretty close to be perfect.

And the outdoor part!

Actually this is the main reason why we were choosing a very far hotel just to have a one night-sleep, in fact there are a lot of good hotels in Shah Alam. It was because of the beach & sunset! I requested for that. I requested to stay far away from the city and by that timevalready imagine ourselves walk down along the beach, laughing, smiling, holding our hands and relaxing our minds as much as we could. Ya, I know, I’m such a terrible day-dreamer (effect of watching too much romantic movies maybe). I don’t know but I go so crazy for the sunset. I really enjoy watching it slowly going down disappear and love the orange-red sky's color. It was so beautiful. I love to take pictures of sunset & sunrise wherever I went. After a week choosing for the place, here we go!! this place just hit the jackpot!

And Ain & Jihah said “I never sit and watching this beautiful scenery, thanks Noni” Awwww. See they fall in love too! This is a candid picture, yah except for me. I watched them, they are really enjoying this relaxing-time, they can’t keep their eyes away from the scenery.

 Bonding time.

And at night, after filled up our stomachs with the good food, we were getting ready to sleep! No, don’t imagine it was easy as lying on the mattress, scrolling down your phone, closing your eyes and then Good Night Girls! Oh, no, it never went that way. Sleeping with friends is the best bonding time together. Don’t go sleep with that easy. Our night was so alive and lovely. We brought out all the mattresses from 3 rooms and put it all together at the living room. We did the girl’s most loved thing ; Playing with Make-Up! We talked a lot about our past, catch up session with everything we missed, talked about a future like we have a clue, and motivated each other. They are so lovely. I’m in love with each of them. By 2AM we fall asleep. I really love you guys.

Till then. Part 4 !

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