Thru your bad day....

by - August 20, 2017

I remembered the words that my late father said to me 5 years ago. At ward in hospital, right after he ended the call with my sister/brother. He said to me, "..orang yg sakit ni bukannya nok harapkan org datang ramai-ramai, mari bagi buah, tapi cukuplah kalau ada yang tanya khabar, anak-anak call cakap dengan ayoh setiap hari, bagi semangat, yang sakit pun tetiba boleh baik..." 

I remembered every single words that he said....

*cry silently*

...and now i can feel how he felt before. A small wish and dua from someone that can booster our spirit to get up and energize again. 

Thanks for your concern friends. I'm so touched. 
May Allah repays your kindness to me. 

Be thankful if you are having a bad day sometimes, 
because that's how Allah teaches us to appreciate a good day. 
Remember, a rainbow doesn't come without a rain. 
There's always a hidden blessing that we firget to notice.

Be patient and be kind Noni. 

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