Food Poisoning & High Fever

by - August 07, 2017

Monday, 050817

Writing with the left hand rubbing hard my stomach. Ya Allah i cant desribe the pain. It's more than 30 times since i walk back and forth to the toilet. Luckily the toilet is just 10 steps away. Huh, i dont want to imagine if I were in the office which i need to run from north to south and i think i will do my business at the midway. Guess how many spenders that will cost.

The pain & fever started on Saturday's night which I had a sleepover with my friends that day!! Can you imagine, i'm the one who is the most excited bout this gathering, end up i'm the one who cant even wake up. I started to diarrhea for a couple of times, and having a high fever. I made a guess with the temperature by putting my back hand on the forehead, it is 40°C!!! Not kidding.

While my friends were having a girl night talk, sharing story to each others at the living room, I'm just lying painly in the room, pushing hard my stomach. Trying to put myself on sleep but obviously i cant. It was so hurt. My body went hotter. I cant join them, i tried to ear drop their story but it went useless as my brain was too tired. Then later they came one by one into the room and decided to accompany me along until 1AM. Izaty found a handkerchief and put it on my head. It was so good to be surrounded with a good friends. God bless me.

I slept with sweat.

And woke up a couple of times to the toilet.

Woke up for Subuh with a very heavy head. Pray, and cant afford more to stand,  I just want to lie down.

At 11AM we were getting ready for checkout but I cant drive home. My energy level dropped to 10%. Cant eat,  cant open the eyes. They were decided to send me home. From Kajang to Petaling Jaya. They also sent me to clinic even I refused a lot, ''No, its okayyyyyy I'm okay I can go by myself later'' *Seriously you are okay???* Yes, I'm the most stubborn person. God bless me with such lovely friends.

Look what Nadirah got me here. She is so sweet. Cooked me a bubur eventho she was tired, made me air teh pekat before she's going to office, and she even put a wet towel on my head before i sleep. May God bless you too.

Woke up again for a couple of times to the toilets.


Writing this from Ward 6D bed 7, Hospital Ampang right now.

The pain doesn't want to stop. I requested to do a blood test this morning at Clinic Sea Park (3rd clinic i went) eventho the doc said im okay, just a little diarrhea from food poisoning. Whateva, what diarrhea cost 4 days?

(I dont know why suddenly i got so emo and cried so hard in the back of uber's car. I saw he peeked me weirdly -or nervously- from the middle mirror hewhewhew sorry mister, i've a bad day)

So, i got the call at Maghrib from the clinic saying "Miss, your blood test has come out, your RB, WB and platelets are okay, but for IGG and IGM there are positive and negative...Docter will give you a letter for hospital's reference....."

It's so a breaking-heart-moment-time.

Jaja//Me : "Noni, jangan lupa bawok baju spare incase kena masuk wad.." // "Heyyy, mu nak suruh aku masuk wad kee? Aku sihat lah..."

But it was how it went. Here is I now. I can't hide the tears once i heard docter said "Blood test tunjuk awak ada positive denggi, so awak kne admit wad for 2/3 hari utk pantauan..." "Tapi saya dah baik demam pun dokter" Smiling bright and trying to act strong as much as I could. "Tu yang lagi bahaya, second phase of dengue, lepas fasa demam..." "Boleh saya masuk wad kat kampung?" "Nope" "Hulur tangan saya nak masukkan jarum utk air japgi.."

Zupppp. The body turned into ice.

Walking out to my brother and friends with waterfall. How Could This Happened Again?!.


Updated : It's not a dengue guys. Still waiting for the blood test result.

MC for a week.

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