Instant Holiday With Elders.

by - August 27, 2017

Last week, on Saturday, my cousin had an engagement in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. So, my big families came here all the way from Dungun on Friday. My younger brother & I went there on Saturday’s morning. It was raining cat and dog along the way from Pj-Cheras-Seremban-Senawang.

I was not participating much in the event because I was too drowned with my niece as she’s more attractive to me and I missed her so so so much!! Hihi. K actually I know nothing much bout the event. So after everything was done, we were separating again. My brother was going back to Neram, Irdina was crying so bad as she didnt want to leave me "Nak Mida, Nak Mida" Ohmaigod, my heart broke to pieces heard her loud crying voice and her tears keep falling down. Cant lie, my eyes were teary too. It was so saaaaadddddddddddd. My grandma, my mum and Kak were still there. So, I took them. I took them to a secret holiday. Hahaha. They knew nothing bout where are we going to go and to stay. From Seremban we flied back to Kuala Lumpur. I booked the hotel at the last minutes. Phewww lucky, there was a few left, but with the higher price *cryinggggggg*. And along the way, my grandma cant stop asking me bout where are we going to hahahaha just follow la nenek *smirk*

We arrived at 500pm and took a rest. At night my brother took us out for dinner. And to uptown Danau Kota. I want to show them the madness night of Kuala Lumpur, but hmm wrong choice I guess. They cant stay there for the long time. But still we arrived back to hotel at 12+am. Hahahahaha. Naughty grandchild. We never going out with this late right. Please excuse for this.

Nampak je singgah kedai cosmetik tapi padahal tengah cari minyak ubat urut kaki hihi

On the next day, we checkout at 9am and I took them to the SOGO.
I hoped I chose the best place this time. Hihi
The job for being youngest

Take your timeeeee

By 1pm, we were heading home. Since it's still early, I planned to make a stop at Kuantan with my brother's family to have dinner. But he's so lazy to get out.

haha. Anyway the short vacay was great. Lets make it again someday okay?

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