At The Clinic

by - August 29, 2017

Just let me write a post. I donow what else to doooooo. I wanna scream. I have been here at this clinic for almost 2 hoursssss. Ohmaigodd. I don't know which website more to browse. Done read a lot of blogs until reach my reading limit point, scrolling down an instagram and facebook until there's no more post that can attract my attention. Huargghhh. Really boring. It's not I donot want to accompany my mum. It's just aaaa please let me do somethingggg. The thing that i really hope exist in front of me right now is a laptop with wifi! I wanna finish my work. Everything is approaching the date-line and I still have a lot to finish. What a holiday -..-

Thirsty. Dry throat.

Why dont this clinic provides water? K fine everything costs money nowaday, at least selling water.

That nurse at the registration counter is so sweet. I like to see her face. Glowing.

And that child is so wild running around the clinic. I guess his behavior gonna annoy someone-people who sick or having a head-ache. But obviously not me. Coz I'm so heartless to care. 

Okay. Finally our nombor pop-up on the que screen.


Done assisting my mum saw the doctor, and he asked her to xray her chest.


At least 3hours of waiting earlier was not just 'okay, take your medicine and dont forget to eat it'.
Once the xray result came up, doc said it's weirddd. So he asked my mum for blood test check.
So now we are in front of the makmal counter waiting for the result.

3 hours ticking.......

Okay everything is done for today. Lets go home. And I need to come here again tomorrow pheww.

Lets eat mommy. Wish you get fully recover really fast!

Need to drive. Mommy is nagging like a heavy rain beside. =.=

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