Weekend with Bestfriends

by - August 20, 2017

There are a lot of fun things we can do to cheer up yourself. We have many options to choose. We can go to kitchen and cook or bake (love this), we can hike or jog at peaceful park, we can talk to our mum until she get tired of our questions (always did this), we can watch a movie (tengok free online movie kat phone je heeeeeee), playing makeup (never did this), or if you feeling so exhausted, you can just choose to sleep.

I chose some yesterday. I chose to meet my friends who can cheering me up. I chose to be surround with the happy people. And to make my day feel so pretty, i doing all the stuffs started from the time i woke up with happy and blooming heart.  Woke up early, wore nice cloth, put some make-up, grabbed breakfast (it's special because I always skipped), sang loudly in a car and read more below :)

Life is pretty awesome when we (1)always remind ourself to be grateful, (2)counts our own blessings- without realizing, we  got too much blessing/things that we never asked for and (3)dont ever compare your life with others. Okay, dont believe me? Try to count your blessing now...can you? Ain't it too much? That's what I always scold (because I'm stubborn) to myself whatever i felt down. True, it's so hard to advise our ownselves. I try to be positive now (walaupun macam poyo ah ko) so lets just let me be in this vibe for a while and write what I wanna say. hahahaha. ( i just wanna read this again someday and wish I will grateful for the life)

Fetching up my best friend, Aniq at Shah Alam at 9AM

Finally I managed to come here!! 
I'm so excited to coome once saw my friend's post on Instagram about this exhibition. Its worth!
Pameran Barangan Tinggalan Rasulullah &Sahabat.
Gonna make a separate post about this exhibition.

Rushing to the girls' date.
Truth is, we regularly meet but we never getting bored with each other.
Updating our story to each other is a must.
I love you.

Happy Birthday Aniq!!
I'll make sure we gonna have a date again on my birthday!!

Movie time!
We watched Bad Genius.
And this movie was really-really a right choice (ehem, thanks to me) to us as it was about a student life, and we were really immersed to the story as we were in the same high school!
...and flashed back of our past in high school keep playing in my head...

Hahaha, i realized I got a nice feeling when trying new clothes at the mall eventho I didnt buy it.
I can try this again to release stress sometimes.
I liked this cloth but look, it's too short at in front.

And finally it's time for goodbye.
It was 5PM at that time and we kept dragging the time as we didnt want to apart.
Hahaha macam budak-budak.

I'm having fun by laughing with you guys. Thank youuuu
Till we meet again.

And I got some presents welcoming me at home!

Hahaha. Merahnyaa diaa hmm geramm.
Thanks for growing up well!

A key to be happy is always love what you do and try to do what you love.

I chose to spend my weekend with my besties,
so, how about you?

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