by - August 05, 2017

I woke up with a heavy heart, today is the last day, means this trip going to be end. While others were still sleeping, I walked to the balcony, having a little time for myself, watching the seaview scenery for the last time and unconsiously taking a deep breath. I felt so down but I felt so blessed too. Internally, I missed someone, someone who was leaving me. I cant bear the sadness and i cried by myself. A group of birds witness to my tears. Nevermind Noni, stay strong. *inhale a very deep & long breath* So, then I walked back inside and peeked at the clock. It’s already 8AM. Time to wake up the girls. We promised to go swim! Yes! Pool time!
i seriously lost a lot of our pictures T.T
A good bonding time again.

By 11AM, we were ready ourselves and our things to check out, bye-bye apartment, bye-bye swimming pool, bye bye beach. Today we were going to do some shopping to our future bride to be and of course to ourselves too. So we decided to go to GM Klang. Heading out from the resort, we singgah at to take out brunch. 

Just let it ends here. I have lost a lot of photos. Huaaaa. So by late of evening we had to separate as they need to take a bus back to Dungun and I'm just heading back to PJ.

A good friends and a good accompany are so hard to find, I pray Allah to never keep us apart. I love them because they are so fierce to me, they dont have to have a sweety talk to advise me, they just marah-marah sebab aku ni keras kepala, nasihat lembut lembut tak makan. hahaha. Friends, if you reading this someday, know that I love you and I'm so grateful to have you by my side.

Lets grow old together.

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