by - July 07, 2017

Salam 13 Syawal eberione

It has been a week since im back to work after a long Raya's break & Alhamdulillah I'm done fasting for 3 days in Syawal. It's a tough thing to do as everyone is eating and offering me the kuih raya so yummy and because of that seduction I decided to skip my fast last Wednesday! Hahaha

Fasting in Syawal is the good thing right? It guess everyone knows bout it. It's sunnah. I'm just wanna settle it fast before i have my period break or otherwise i will regretting and hating myself for being so lazy. So I'm trying now to skip that part. But still i don't understand why there is still a bad (or stupid?) voice to ejek me on that - A person was offering me a food and I was rejecting it nicely. She kind of shocked so the person besides telling her that I'm fasting and she was like "Noni mana ada orang puasa awal2 macam ni. Jangan tipu lah.." Like whaaaaatt? I'm just chuckled to that wow sentence trying to look cool even the words are knifing me inside cos im find that funny tho. Hahaha.
Later on, she still provoked me to go out for lunch as she cant believe I'm still fasting.

Seriously what's wrong with this girl -.-'

What people think?

I'm not showing off to everyone at the office that I'm so gooodddd - coz i'm not-, so religious to fast earlier or wateva. It's never be wrong to grab the opportunity guys. As you always did it too for dunya. Fasting is the ibadah between only you and Allah and im not doing that to get people's blessing.

Don't try to discourage me as I'm not affected. So everyone who is been the same boat as me, don't discourage yourself, at least lets finish 6 days of fasting in Syawal and qada' our Ramadhan fasting asap. It's for our own good kan. Bak kata Fynn Jamal, kau nak buat kebaikan kau buat je. Takyah peduli ape orang cakap. Tutup telinga.

Subject closed.

Perut masuk angin.

I have one bad habit. It's to skip taking meal. As i told, i might (sometimes) becoming a lazy person. Hahahaha i guess this habit come up since i start working. Yesterday was my production day at office, which -every month- i will come back at night at this day. I always skipped my dinner for that day - as you're tired and what you just want is your comforting bed to lay your tired body and clear your messy mind.  

So yesterday, as I'm fasting, so i just had time to grab a plain water, hot milo and kuih raya at office, planning to have a better meal at home. But I finished my work so late - at 10+pm. Fortunately, my younger brother is coming! So, i persuade him to accompany me dinner. HAHAHA. Im so tired and hungry so I dont think I still can cooking at this hour otherwise I will go back home and sleep with an empty stomach like I always did. Thanks for my brother to treat me well.

But still I cant eat well, perut dah masuk anginnnnnnnnnnnn T.T Wake up this morning with ill stomach and rush to the toilet. Need to cancel my intention to fast today. Maigaddddd, perut dah masuk angin. Can I take EL boss?

*lying down with towel*

Salam Jumaat peeps!

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