by - July 03, 2017

Hello! Assalamualaikum.
Im just safely landing in PJ , driving ALONE all the way from my hometown after a very long Raya’s break! A second after putting my bags down, I grab my phone, searching for Mommy's chat in Whatapps and whining annoyingly, I wanna go back home! I should not be hereeeee!  Arghh makin tua makin homesick!
Unpacking all my things into the wardrobe and suddenly terselak diary lama. (Iols mengemas memang macam ni-it takes a year to complete) Read everything and really cant believe what had i wrote there. Hahaha, even aku sendiri pun malu nak baca balik - that love notes, a sweet conversation i had and even a parking and movie tickets were there!- what a word la yang i wrote but im really enjoy reading it, all the words were in the exciting tones, all those feelings back then were really true, suddenly all those memories are flashback like a movie in my head, until i don't notice i draw a smile on my face. All of those happy moments with the bright feeling. *Smile to myself again* but wait...!! Heyyyy what i'm doinggg??!! *Sorok balik diary bawah baju*
Sitting down by myself, back then I notice, it’s really wonderful to read again my life journey as I found my life is quite wonderful, challenging and happy! I did so much things. I really don’t want to forget all of those moments. Lama gila tak menulis. So here am I tonite, turning on my lappy and Maroon 5 Playlists to gain the mood, even it’s olredi 11.30PM and I need to work tomorrow! Tomorrow gonna be a long day at office....but wat eva.
I need to remeber this atmosphere too.

I have a lot of pending stories. Sunway Lagoon? Phuket? Perhentian? Redang? Gambang Waterpark? Roadtrip Penang, Perak Melaka or Selangor? Which one should I write first? Oh goshhh so muchhh! this is why I hate skipping story.

Lets start with....

okay new sheet!

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