See With Your Positiveness.

by - July 21, 2017

Hi Assalamualaikum..

I got a lot reactions after i post something on my instagram...

"Amboi Noni post gambor makanan sokmo, seronoknya makan"

"Ee ji ji bann..hahaha"

"Hey Noni you are so busy ye every weekend, i saw your insta story you're going to Johor & Melaka, you tak penat ke? You always have an activity on weekend.."

"Hey kenapa down semalam? Dah okay belum ni?"

Receiving all this kind of reactions, sometimes make me feel alive, heyy they do noticed i'm exist.

Teringat dulu when i refuse to post my activity kat instagram. Skytrex rasanya (2 years and i still remember his words). "Taknak la aku post gambar ni Asrol, malulah, nanti org tanya macam2, cakap aku xajak.." "Post je Noni, tu hak kau lah, xkan kau nak ajak semorang, post je, bila orang tahu kau dah pernah pergi sini, nanti kau boleh guide dyorang pulak.." Yes, Asrol is a supporter, a good listener, a good talker and has a very high leadership skill. A leader of everything. He shares a lot of his stories to me. Rasa macam tak layak je kawan dgn dia tapi kenapa malu nak berkawan kan? Tapi apa yang dia cakap tu exactly right.
A moment after i post gambar wall climbing, i received a lot of questions. First time pergi ikut orang, Asrol yang kenalkan. Pergi for the second one sebab "Asrol, my friends nak try wall climbing, you boleh guide ke?" Haaaa nampak tak the improvement? sebab tu tajuk post ni, see with your positiveness. Bila kita buat niat yang baik, inshaallah income dia nanti akan baik. Same goes whenever i post gambar hiking. Its good when someone dm and ask for more information.

Most of the things we share, have pros and cons. It's depend on that individual to take it as positive or bad. Boleh jadi orang akan cakap "cis, poyo budak ni menunjuk" but whaeva, it's your life.

Oh i missed one of the feedback,

"Kau dah kenapa asyik post meroyan aje kat insta? Gila ape?..."

Sometimes we dont relieved the silly thing we did, but really thanks for the feedback, i never post meroyan post anymore after that. Hahahahaha.

Happiness is having a true friend.

Happy Friday! Today is sundown day, but obviously no sundown for me!

********this post just means to myself***********

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