3 Hours of Singing

by - July 27, 2017

I think i should apologize and thanks to whoever have been with me in Karaoke room. Not only in Karaoke room, but also in the car, room, toilet or everywhere you have heard me sang! Yesterday while we were having fun with karaoke, i took a video of myself, and i review it today and the come out is.......o-o-k-a-y, my voice was (is actually) so rough! I sincerely apologize for your ears, really hope they are not bleeding and thank you so much for never stopping me from singing BHAHAHAHA

But anyway I'm having so much fun yesterday, thanks for having me. We never go straight for 3 hours session right?, but we did it as it was 2 hours plus free one hour. Sape je baik hati nk bagi free? Grab the chance and sing till the night. What a WEEKDAY! *love emoji*

Dont worry we still have voice.

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