Change is Hard

by - July 22, 2017

Morning weekend.

Deciding to change a lit bit appearance on my blog as a step to make a better start of life, but i cant find anything to fit the taste. That 6 plus years-old-header needs to be change too as i'm not using the old URL anymore. Changes is pretty hard right?

hmm tengoklah nanti kalau rajin godek lagi

Start form early of this year there is a rumor saying that we will be moving to a new office building, - and i never wish it will be true - and last Wednesday the boss of the bosses changed the rumor to the fact. Damn, I really really dont want to move from this most comfortable bed and private-room. Love this spot really much. Sure, the daily routines gonna change a bit. Changes is pretty hard right? but its sure for the good (really not for me).

...but i still keep a little hope that thing wont happen hahaha!
So lazy.


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