Weekend's Class

by - July 29, 2017


Happy weekend everyone!

I have no eating-invitation for this weekend as Raya is finally over. So l'm making a plan to jog and taking a fresh breath at the park in the morning of beautiful Saturday. And Sunday with a longer sleep! Ya, I already planned which shirt to wear. I'm determined to get rid of these Raya's fat! My stomach grows bigger!!

But, a few days before weekday is over, I got a text. From my tutor.

"Salam, Macam mana dengan kelas kita? :) "

Ohmaigad, seriously i am totally forgot bout the class. And I cant say no! I already taking a long break - okay, lets blame my unstable period for this. I should go. It's in a high of priority list. So, I say yes. Ain't I am good? *smile politely*

So, here I am today and just forget about the jogging and lake!

Get prepare in the car.
Alhamdulillah I read 15 pages today.

I think I make a good decision bout taking this class even the fee is a lil bit high. But I have no choice. I've reciting the holy love letter with so many wrong tajwid. I cant just close my eyes and patting myself it's okay dear it's okay, keep reading...No, I have to make it right!

Okay, I think I should close this blogspot window by now cause I'm in the office now trying need to finished a lot of pending works. Till then.

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