Kacang Pool Haji, Batu Pahat

by - July 29, 2017

Writing this as it is so hard to find Kacang Pool In Batu Pahat.

Aku pernah makan Kacang Pool sekali je dalam hidup aku. Homemade punya, Oficemate buatkan. Sedap gilaaa! Sebelum ni memang aku xpernah tahu pun cam mana bentuknya apatah lagi rasa dia. Masa Kak Iqa bawak pergi office aritu, tu first time aku try. Mula2 memang macam ‘‘aaa, takpelah, korang makanlah..’’ sebab aku nampak banyak gila fresh onion, plus aku tak makan peanut (padahal takde pun peanut). Tapi lepas skali try sebab kena paksa, pergh, terus takleh stop makan, tempting gila sampai habis satu pack besar roti kiteorang tibai. Hahaha
Then sejak dari tu aku teringin nak makan Kacang Pool lagi.
Tapi mana nak cari dah? Tadak ke orang jual kat KL?

So, last week, as I went to Batu Pahat Johor, the first thing that comes out from my mind is '‘Kacang Pool!” I need to eat Kacang Pool in Johor. It is a must!! So, I did asking my officemate, where to find it. Tapi diorang tak tahu, semua mention Kacang Pool ada dekat Johor Bahru. But I only stay at Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat – JB is a little bit far plus I have nothing to do in JB! I’m so disappointed. Then, I search through out the internet, and it’s so hard to find the information. After 2 days, baru lah I jumpa, Kacang Pool Haji yang famous tu buka cawangan kat Batu Pahat.
The excitement went to the max!
Once finished my friend’s engagement, we make our move to the Hotel at Bandar Batu Pahat. Staying there for a night. And the next day, for the breakfast we need to find Kacang Pool Haji cawangan Batu Pahat. I wazed the location based on the information given from the internet, but it didn’t come up. So I went back to the receptionist of the Hotel to ask about the location. Suprisely, she don’t know the existence of that place.  Do I need to bury my wish and should we just have a Nasik Lemak for breakfast? Sigh.
But we tried, try-and-error-followed the map hoping it will lead us the right place;

Location : Kompleks Niaga Benteng Peserai

Place to waze : Hospital Putra , because they’re in front of each other.

Please be open! Please be open! Please Please!

So, finally! I get to eat Kacang Pool for the second time! Oh, do I need to count my second bowls as a second time too or should I exclude and count it for third times?!

The price increases from Rm5 to Rm6.

But the taste is not same as the previous homemade one at the office!
The bean and beef are not too much. Not as satisfied as before. Should I try making it myself?

I guess nobody will eat it. Hahaha.
My tummy is happy!

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