My Girlfriends - Part 1

by - July 04, 2017

Girls days out in Selangor.
Admitted, my English is not very good, but bear with it, im gonna use it as this is the only way i can practice to improve.
Drop the grammars please ;p
September, 2016.
Introducing the actors ; We are 6 pretty girls in a group ; form in the high school, 15th years old.
Izaty, Ain, Mira, Aniq, Jie and Me. We were so close back then, sharing a lot of our stories & spending our times growing up together. Until graduated from high school and we make our ways separately. Jie and I went together to Asasi, Ain moved to Bangi for good, Aniq & Mira went to diploma and Izaty went to A-Level and flied (is this word exist?) to Mesir for Medic. And after that we really have limited times to spend together. Raya pun sempat jumpa a few hours and that was not enuf to catch up eveything! Oh guys, if I'm not mistaken, Whatapps is still not exist at that times and we are cheerish our realtionship thru horrible comments in FB HAHAHA. Did you still remember? Maigad Im so drown in memories.
As time flies really fast, we are now busy living our life. And who knows? We become an adult from teenager today. I cant believe we are already 25th years old now. Izaty just finished her abroad study and terus making an announcement to get married. We are really an adult,,....seriously we are? Sorry but I just don’t want to accept that fact. So to celebrate her big day, and to celebrate a few months left for her as a single woman, and to celebrate our aged-so-close-friendships we are agreed to go for the HOLIDAY! YEAY!
Do you still remember girls how dramatic our discussion was? Should I mention here sape yang sampai left group? Sape yang hilang tak balas balas langsung wasep for 2 weeks right? walaupun dah double blue ticks until we need to contact her younger brother? Sape yang sampai aku kena DM sorang sorang tanya ada apa yang setuju and tak setuju? Sape yang agreed with all the plans but at the day of event she was like “Eh, kita nak gi mana ni? Eh, what we are going to do later? Seriously we need to bring sport shoes, for what?” – Btw, this last person was you AIN. HAHAHA. So funny. Everything is still fresh in my mind, maybe because im the one who was really really super excited and you girls trust me so much to plan on the tentative. And thanks Jie for helping out! All of us did our best!
Oh Mai Gad, I’m so detailed. 
So bila cerita ni nak masuk Day 1? -.-' but i really don’t want to skipped anything! It’s so precious.
Our first plan was going to TADOM HILL. Sleeping there for a night. Everyone agreed and we were super duper excited after seeing its nature environment pictures. I was already imagine bout how to snap the pics under the moonlight beside its beautiful lake. Unfortunately, there’s no room for us. Close for booking at that date for an event. Padahal mase tu dah Tanya 2 months earlier.
I have no ideas how to plan this holiday as we agreed to spend as minimum amount of money as majority of us are still not working. Tapi yang dah kerja ni pun takde duit jugak -..- Everyday, I used my free time at the office to browse about the best place in Selangor. Trying my best to choose the place that suit to everyone. Beach,sunset, pool, sky-ing, good food, happy pictures and shopping. Try to fit all in one go. And I made it!! It was a relax holiday but so full of fun things right? *baik korang angguk*

It's almost 1am and i need to have a rest!
See you pretty soon loves! TBC! I promise!

Night Sweethearts.

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