by - November 27, 2017

Tik tok tik tokk

The clock was ticking slowly to 12AM entering 17November. I wish I could wait to wish a happy birthday to myself but my eyes was so heavy to stay awake. The last time I checked on the clock was 1140PM then after that I just threw my phone away and closed my eyes. Dozed off.


I woke up with a bright mood! Today is my birthday! Eventho no one would cheer me up today, I promised myself I would. I will give myself a beautiful day to be remember. I want today be such a good memory. I checked on my phone and mommy was the first one who wished me a blessful birthday wish! Love you mum to the moon and its back! 

Frankly speaking, TWENTY FIVE is such a big number for me.

I'm not ready and never will be.

And I wish I could turn back time.

It was Friday and I went to the office expecting nothing, plus no one knew my birthdate. Surprising, after the stand up meeting, Mima told people to sing me a happy birthday song. I was so shy. Hey peolpe can you just whisper to my ears instead of shout it out? Huhu. But actually it was so heart warming. After that I keep receiving wishes from my friends virtually and thru my phone.

In the evening, a few minutes before the office hour ended, my collagues made me this surprise :

Honestly i'm so touched. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Izaty asked me to go see her that evening. So, I rushed home, got a quick bath, changed the clothes and drove to her. She gave me a slice of cake but hahahah lets me tell you one secret that she didnt know, I left the cake in the surau after prayed. Luckily, I ate half  of it already. Thank you baby. And all the best for your first step to become a doctor. Wish you have a really good surrounding. Take care of my anak buah yeee (still donow the gender)

And the day ended as I found myself smile in the bed :)
Thank you friend!

The next day. I was accompany Jihah to UMP as her sister had convocation, same day with Mira. So, I drove her there. I was having a good time along the road eventho she had sleeping along the way. Ya, I'm kindly understand her job as a doctor. So, just lets me incharge with the steering. We went there by 930am and safely got home around 1130pm. Honestly, I was scared driving at the late of night but fuuhhh I did that, again! Before going home, we had dinner at this ohsem place. Look at my candle! hahaha

Safely arrived and once I stepped into my room, look what my best friends did to me! So much balloonnnsss in the room! Yes, I liked the surprise! But hmm they've delayed my sleeping time to tidy up the mess as I've no place to sleep -.- '

Oh,, this post goes unexpectedly long, so, my next surprise is in the next post!!

Thank youu semuaaa till then.

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  1. Welcome to 25's club. Hehehe. You're so lucky to be surrounded by those people who care. Have a blissful november. <3


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