by - November 08, 2017

Hi alls. Assalamualikum.

I used to told people and myself the quote of, "the first time doing is the best feeling ever.." Like people say how you cant forget your first love. Eheemm other people say okay, obviously not me. Hahaha. Like how the first time you ride the bicycle, drive a car, trying snorkelling, tasting a new menu etc etc, for me it's always...the first time doing is the best thing ever. And the first time doing also will decide whether you like or dislike the thing and whether you wanna go on or give up on thing. Dont believe me? Okay lets me test you, when you try to eat wasabi for the time, will you continue?

So, this time what I'm gonna share is about my first time too. The first time jumping from the 5meter height into the water.

If you gonna come to Tadom, here is my tips, come on weekdays and bring your own lunchbox. And plus, come with a big group members for example 5 to 7 peoples so that you can conquer the area and it's really really fun to spend time together. Really can enhance ur friendship's bond. (because we're helping each others!)

So, back to my first time story, for this time being, i thought it was so easy to jump from a height platform to the water/pool. I remembered watch one episode of Running Man in which they have to jump in the pool and how easy I labeled Haha & Jaesuk as a coward for being so so so scared to jump. They took more than 30minutes walked back and forth, climbed the stair up and down before jump. It looked so easy from my eyes. But noww once i experience it, hollyyyy shittt! Hahahahaha i respect to whoever has been jump!

It's not easy as we thought.

My legs was shaking while walking along the skinny-bamboo-platform. Once i reached to the end of it, i cant even move my legs. I was shaking so much.  To walk back at the start point was even the scarier. So, no other choice, whether you choose to jump or stay there till the evening which, you will shaking hell much and your heart gonna burst from pumping too hard. No turning back.

After about i guess 5-7minutes standing there, i closed my eyes and i made a brave jump (clap please) buuuut my face hurt so much. Highly respect again to all athlete jumper!

And the funny thing is, it's addicted. Hahahaha. Despite of my pain i even climbed up the stair again for the second jump!

If you ask me how TADOM is, here is my feedback ;
Tadom is below my expectation. I expected more from the pictures I saw. And i think RM22 is quite expensive. I wont repeat to come. But yaa, it was a fun trip. Very fun. Spending time with the people i love is so fun.

Till the next trip!

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