One of Those Day

by - November 09, 2017

My last post is about trying something new. And coincidentally, this post also is about new thing.

Learning New Thing!

You know what? Hahaha it tickles my heart just to think about it.

This morning, I'm about to drive my car to the service center. I booked an appointment yesterday to change my car's battery as it's really in a low power. So, on 820AM, I started on my car. But, unfortunately!! the car was sulking. It didnt want to be alive. The sound of engine was so so bad. My body went cold. Please dont make trouble. Please dont make trouble baby. Who should I call first? I tried to reach PJ service center that I booked  for appointment yesterday, in case they can fetch me up from home, but unfortunately, no answer. I tried my luck to get an assist from Perodua service center, and they asked me to tow my car but I need to stay free till they're arrive. No! I cant! I have final delivery today! No EL. And the shocking thing is, the towing cost is RM100+, even tho my house to the PJ service center is only around the corner! I called becasuse I tot it might be free, but teeettt I'm wrong. Hahaha. Most of my housemates already left to work. Only one more car left at the parking lot! Kak Sue! I went upstairs and woke her up. Sorrryyyy Kak Sueeee. I've no other choice. And Alhamdulillah, she managed to help me out! 

It was my first time facing this kind of problem. And a lot still i should learn about car. of those day, where you tot it gonna be your bad day (oh god why suddenly this car is broken down, oh god im late, oh god i cant EL!) but instead, it's one of the day where i feel blessed (Allah ease my day, i learnt new thing, i not even late to office!) 

Fly fly money fly away -.-

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