Why I Am Still Dizzy?

by - November 16, 2017

It's 1045pm by now and I'm just getting home from driving to nowhere. Intentionally, i was planning to follow up my fever at the clinic but i canceled the plan since the clinic was too crowd with the patients.


I tot i'm strong. But i guess I'm not anymore.

Last Sunday, i slept at my sister's house and woke up in the morming with the dizzy head and hot body. Out of the blue. I ignored the signs because helloo come onnn girl im strongg. Cold wont caught me. I gonna fight this fever.

(My boss just got admitted to hospital due to Influenza)

But phewww my energy suddenly dropped down and my head was too dizzy both to stand still nor lay down. I felt so guilty as i had to linger around my niece with my bad condition. I still need to help my sister looking after her daughter while she had stuff to settle. So, in the late of evening, after everything was done, i drove back slowly to PJ.

I tried to stay strong and fight back but i can feel my body's heat too much, my back had pain, and the weird this was, i was shivering cold under the blanket. Force myself to sleep. The only thing that i was thinking everytime i need to sleep with fever or pain is my sins. I always felt like i gonna die during this period. What if I slept and never got to wake up again tomorrow?? I regretted my sins but later i know i will repeat again once. Hooman.

Oh i got 2days of MC. I need to come again for check up if my fever is not going down. Today is my 3rd day since the fever and my body's temperature is going better. But, why my head is still dizzy?....it's really really dizzy. Was it because of blood donation? Or the meat that i ate a night before? Or maybe because i didnt eat well?

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