Congratulations Brother!

by - November 05, 2017

Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah.

My house's hall of fame has been completed now, with the four pictures of children Halimah and Abd Kadir, holded the scroll of education.

This is all, congratulations & thanks to you mak & ayah. I know we're not from rich family, even thru sick and pain, you're working hard on the day and night to pay our expenses. You strengthen your hearts to discpline us just to make sure we're becoming the good one, eventhou your hearts were hurt seeing us cry. Because you knew, that was for the best.

These are all we could pay right now, and I promise to be better. Thanks to you parents for guiding and lead us to the right path.

I'm missing my daddy so much now. And i know he'll be crying seeing the pictures of his children all holding the scroll.

I know, we'll never able to repay all of your sacrifications, but we promise to make our life better.
I love you mom & dad.

Congratulations again to my younger brother! You made it! You made it through your hardship and you should be proud! Be better and make a better life! I wish you can achieve your dreams in whatever thing you might do, and be a good child to the family ❤❤❤❤❤❤

This baby girl was so heavy! I cant hold her more than 10 minutes anymore.
Ruuuuinnnn my armm.


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