by - November 02, 2017

When I was a kid, November used to be my fav month & the month that I've been waiting for since January appears at beginning of every year. You know, November WAS a indicator finally my a-year-school comes to the end! Finally school ends! No more homeworks! (Yeahh, I'm not really a school lover back then). Besides, November is a month of raining, where at my place, (pntai timur), it will be raining all the day and I got to be lazy watching televisyen, or play with water and catching fish. Ohh I missed my childhood.

November is still being one of my fav month, but the reasons have been changed. I'm not a student anymore, so there is no more waiting November comes for hoping great long-holiday doing fun stuffs anymore. Back years then, I was waiting for November to come with a bright heart, but now, i feel so screw up when November comes. It was like, Ohh Really?? A year has been passed? Again? Am I aging? One number added to my age! Ok, thats suck. I dont want to grow up. November comes, and a year gonna comes to the end again but why I still remembered how we celebrated my birthday last year? Pheewww time really flies.

Okayy dropp all the subject!

Hello November 2017! Kindly be nice to each other okay ><

Here is my chosen quote for November ;

"We focus on everyone else's blessings but we forget our own.
Then we wonder why we are unhappy,
it's because we are not appreciative of what
Allah has given us. Allah blesses everyone differently, Alhamdulillah.
With patience and prayer, Allah will give you what
you want and more than you ask for..."

And look what I got for my next book!

Hopefully cant finish it in 2017! Hahaha


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