5 Hidden Things in October

by - October 31, 2017

Again, a month passed without realized. Fuhh fuhhh macam angin lalu sedar sedar dah 31 October. Hmm, 31 Oktober, Happy Birthday Daddy!!

A lot things happened in October, but i need to stick with the rule, list only 5 things, otherwise there will be only one summary post in every month :D

1. Mommy is staying here. (+Family Vacation)
I didnt have to balik kampung this month as my mom was staying here at my sister's house being a nanny to her spoil granddaughter. And I became a clingy daughter went there many times. 

2. Increment didnt turn out well.
....and my manager asked me when we were together in the room, "Aren't you happy?" "Yes, but this is not what I expected...I hope for more" I replied bravely, really cant hide my true inside feeling. I think my sacrification here should have a full stop. Ya Allah, help me for the better job!

3. Major Service to My Baby
I used a lot of money this month. But seriously, car's maintenance is higher than my body's need! But ya, no choice. I still need to change later to battery now asThank youly sounds bad. So bad. 

4. Finally I passed to donate my blood again!
Hahahaha, should i mention this? After i got positive dengue last year, finally this month, exactly a year, i passed to donate again! The needle was so big and scary. Many people refuse to do this, but nahh idk, i volunteered myself. I just like to challenge myself doing things i scare.

I need to capture this picture so that I can get the free gift.

5. Help me to decide!
My friends are inviting me to go holiday to Jogjakarta, which i budget will cost me around RM1.5k and even more- ya, i know myself well. I went to Phuket before with them. It's in April next year and I have to renew my car's insurance & roadtax on June. I keep thinking bout this for the very very long. For a poor like me, hahaha, 1.5k seem too big but experience is more expensive. Opportunity doesn't come twice.....but my mind keep remind me "measure your cloth with your own body". Is it okay if I don't follow right? Because if i suffer later to pay my expenses, nobody will help me right? *pat pat my back* :)

Wow the entry language is so so bad. I didnt manage to write well this time. I will improve again next time!

Till then. Thankbyou October! 

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