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Here is the main reason why there's no new post yet. I tried to but every post went to draft and make me lose my interest to story bout it anymore huhuhuuuuuu

Firstly, I'm not a fanatic fan to Korean's drama. Over 100 dramas that come out, the probability i watch is only 2% and might be 0%. I used to watch korean drama before, but half of them, I end up hate myself for wasting a lot of times being lazy on bed. Have you ever watch the Goblin? The promotion is really wow right? But do you really love the ending? For me it's so stupid and i hate myself for spending time on it. But I do love to watch movies in my relax time and to pour out my stress.

Lately, there's this one korean drama that my friend suggested to watch but I keep ignoring her. Hahahaha. I've no time laaa Ain ;p Accidentally one day, I browsed that drama and read the feedbacks. 99% is a positive feedbacks. People really want the drama to extend. Everyone loves it. Wooww. It makes me more eager to know what the story is all about, so i tried to watch the 1st episode, but still, no intention to finish the whole drama. Buttt wowwww! I keep watched it till late of the night. And now i cant skip a day without watching it. During my lunch, during my dinner, at night till i fall asleep.

"You've create a monster inside me"

Life is like a boomerang. What goes around will comes around. You cant ever predict the future. Even the one with a pure heart turns out to become a monster after reach their limit point. The one whose is so kind and innocent turns out to be the devil-est. The one whose look like a stubborn turns out to be the kindest. And the one who we used to trust the most becomes the one who stabs our back silently. The point is, dont ever put a 100% trust to anyone. You end up will regret it most. I recommend you to watch the movie really. But if the ending doesnt come well, dont blame me, three episodes more and really hope the ending is fantastic huhu

And i really fall in love into....

I'm hard to be a fan to any celebrity. I choose not to because once i did, i know i'll be obsess.

I love a lot of songs but never give a damn bout the singer. Ask me who Jennifer is, idk. ask me who Nicki Minaj is idk. Britney Spear? Hurmm. Not interested. But lately arghhh, i really fall in love with Alessia Cara. That youngg bravee singer!

1996's lady.

It started with the 'Scar to your Beautiful' song, but still i dont care bout the singer. And accidentally found "River Of Tears" and in a blink, i fall in love and started to search who is she. Follow with the song of "Here" & "Wild" live version feat with Tryone which i suddenly cant skip my day without hear the songs. I keep repeating it for 100 times already. I played it continuously for 2 weeks at my office and started to dig more bout her other songs. Im Yours, Wild Things, Seventeen and 1800xxxxidk. I watched almost of her videos, radio interview, tv show, live songs and cover songs. Watched her cover song of Bad Blood originally by Taylor Swift, and I directly fall in love with the song (sang by her)  wow seriously she killed TS.

Oh ya, i forgot one point. For some reason, i hate the "Stay" song and at first i've no idea the song was by her. I still remember when that song was so famous, played all over the radio, we were on the car, went to Johor, everytime this song was airing, i kept change the radio station, for more than 10times!! It was so annoying and i really hate that song. The song is superb strong but for some reason i hate it. So, as conclusion, i love her and all of her songs except for stay. Sorry, no offense. She is so young and motivated! I really want to be brave like her. Keep on inspiring Alessia Cara. You deserve my post because your voice is stuck in my head for every single day.

Till then.

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  1. I think falling in love with somebody

  2. @hadi prayitno : yupp. agreed much

    @mrhanafi : Alessia Cara is a someone right?! hahahaha.


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