by - October 09, 2017

9 October.

This date. 3 years ago. It changed 3 important things in my life. The most three important things. The date that i'll remember more than any others date.  It has a significant moment toward my life. I honestly don't know how i feel toward this. I cant be sad nor be happy. I don't want to celebrate it like how i did one year ago and two years ago.

Am i regret?

It was a mix big day still i'm not sure how should i feel.

Lets me just reveal one. Three years ago, it was a date when I first time become an employee. Still fresh. I went to the office one hour ealier, by bus but i opened the Maps apps along the way because I was so scared if I missed my stop. Went to work for the first day and forgot to bring along the phone charger until my phone died at 4PM and someone become worried so so much. And at that night i got surprise, it was the date i met my ex.

It was a good day but half of me hate it.

It was a day that started the most three important things and make me learned a lot of lessons in life.

Selebihnya biar aku pendam.

Sembilan sepuluh sebelas.

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