Welcoming Excited October!

by - October 01, 2017


Hi Hello October! Alhamdulillah, I’m still breathing and so are you! Be good and always do good Noni! It’s 1030pm by now, a first day in new month of October and today was a super fun Sunday and now I’m lying down on my bed putting mask on my face writing up this post. Internally, I’m happy. -except to accept the fact tomorrow is Monday. Lazyyyy

I was doing well in September, no excessive tears, no accident, not get beaten, no bleeding, and looking forward to do better in October! Lets be good. *shaking hands* A lot of exciting things gonna be happen this month. Hopefully! My weekends schedule is fully planned. Lets see...Mommy is coming over for a few days tomorrow, Wina is getting married with her prince, a getaway plan with my girls, my younger brother’s convocation etc etc weheeeee gonna having fun and oh i just remember one more thing! and....it’s time for a major service to my baby. Moneyy moneyyyy where are youuu come to me please! 

Here is my 10 October advices toward myself!

💗 Dont rush. If there's something you'll miss, it will be the time you have now.

💗 Stop wasting time blaming yourself and blaming others. Things happen for a reason, even if the reason will make sense ten years down the road.

💗 Dont stay around the toxic people just because you're afraid of being alone. Being your own best friend has its perks, and there's no one else you'll spend more time with than yourself.

💗 Write, write and write. It will help you clear your mind and also distarct yourself when you're anxious. Writing will be your best friendd (Truuuuuuuuuuuue!)

💗 Learn all you can, and njoy all you want. Knowledge is the only thing truly yours.

💗 Be a friend you need, the one you want.

💗 Read all you can, you'll find words you cant say in the lip of others, you'll find sheter.

💗 Love yourself. That's the only love you'll have, constantly, and the only one that will stick with you even if you fail and fall.

💗 Learn from the past. Stop live in your past. Grow and move on.

 💗 Have Faith. Let your heart trust Allah alone to take care of the things you cannot understand.

 Hi October, I wish for something miracle and lets be good to each other. *Hugggggs*

 Till then. Love you. 

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