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Do this blog still has an owner? Yaaaa Im wondering too.

I missed this site.

Manual cendawan goreng to myself.
Cendawan goreng pun nak ade resepi kee hahaha lantaklaaah.

Last week was the 4th attempts I made Cendawan Goreng. It went well! I need to jot down the manual here for my reference again next time! Wont repeat the mistake again.

Cendawan Goreng. It looks easy right? As easy as its name. Take mushroom and fry. Done and eat!

I tried goreng cendawan for the first time before, but it went bad (wet, too oily). So i tried again for the second time. And it went well! So good. And after a lonnngggggg time i tried again for the third time, but I got confuse how was i did it. I got confuse between the 1st attempt and 2nd attempts. And it went bad again. The taste was good. I finished it all but the texture was thumb down.

And after succeed this 4 attempt, lets me use this space so that next time I do not have to google it anywhere and repeat the mistake again. Two failed times making was because i made it like goreng pisang. Pour the water into the flour. Which is wrong guys (i took the recipe from internet)

What you need :

🐋 Tepung Ayam. (Spicy/ori)
🐋 Cendawan
🐋 Telur.

   Prepare 3 separate bowls for mushroom, flour and egg. Tossed dry the mushroom from water.
Heat the oil until the oil is very hot.
Take mushroom and dip in the egg and then flour and fry it in the oil.
Make sure the flour is dry.

Till then! Nyum nyummmm ❤

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