No More Coffee!

by - December 17, 2017

I rarely take coffee. But when I did, it hits me hard. Usually, when I am driving for a long road, I'll drink one can of Wonda Coffee per day (sometimes two :)). I dont relieve it before, somehow it becomes  addicted.

Like this time, I am at Bota, Perak right now, 730am in the morning, lying on the bed, as everyone is falling asleep after subuh, I'm the only one who is still awake. Eyes wide open! Yesterday, I woke up at 6 AM and drove alone from PJ-Shah Alam-Bota and at night we were chilling at Bandar Ipoh till 1130PM. Even with the gap of 1-3pm, when everyone was able to take a nap but I was also the only one who didn't. Blame the Nescafe.

Other times, I've tried to drink coffee at office and end up I was stay awake till 2AM. And went to the office for the next day like a zombie. I regretted a lot later. But why Wonda Coffee is so good which I cant resist to say No. Nescafe (or it's just Wonda coffee?) always hits me hard, everytime I drank it., I were never ever be able to sleep before 12 even when I put my myself on idle mood and eyes closed, I couldnt fall asleep even had time I need to wear earphone listen to soft music or dhikir to pat myself to sleep. Swear to you, it's so damn hard.

Still a long day to go today and I really wish I can stay energize. *switch on the korean drama*

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