Thanks For The Words.

by - December 21, 2017

Honestly, I had no intention of writing this post, but accidentally, I kept on reading about the friendship quotes everything I scrolling down the socmed, either Instagram, facebook, twitter or blogs. And after a kind of ignoring it, I silently nodding for the truth behind all of the stories and I felt a bit wistful and remembered this one message from my friend.

This is the quote I found in Instagram :

"Every time you give up something for the sake of Allah,
He will keep replacing it with something better!"

Dont cry over your loss, Allah said in the Quran ,
" Perhaps you may dislike something which is good for you,
and like something which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not." (2:216)

Frankly speaking, after a lot things happened in my life, which I never expect it to turn out like 'this' one day, I always think that I am such a bad person. When I 'd cried a lot in my prayers, I always felt I am such a bad person until God needs to put me in such of the hard times.

You knowww, in the time we are being so down, we just cant think about the positive things anymore or perhaps we dont want to think and refuse to think about the positivity because we were to disappointed and broken. The only thing that popped out is "F my life", "why people did this to me?", "Why life is so unfairrr to me?", "I rather die than living this broken life.."

No words will heal us that time.

I almost being in that phase before (not really into it). Depression. Lose hope. Thinking bout what was I did so wrong until I need to be punished this way. People keep saying Im a lucky person but I was like *rolling eyes* are you in my shoes?

It's hard to admit the ugly-truth, it's hard to accept a harsh-advice, until this happened....
until I was admitted the truth behind the words..
I cant believe I was saying these to others in fact I was the one who refuse to listen it before...

I supposedly to be the one who calm her down, but unnoticedly she cured me.

And having someone who is honestly saying "I'm kind" when I punished myself to think that I'm such a bad person is really a cure.

That words were stucking in my head and keep me thinking do I really kind?
If I really that kind why did Allah punishes me this way?

"Do you think the Almighty isnt aware of the nights you cried yourself to sleep, for every time you endured any pain? Do you think all that will go unnoticed and unrewarded? Remember, every trial you pass with patience is a ticket to a better Hereafter"

And my advise is really, it's okay to filter your friends, it's okay to remove a toxic people in your life, because you own your own life, you're the most responsible person for yourself. You dont have to make a room or people who cause you pains and make you feel small...."

Till then, keep on Faith.

This post is a lil bit emotional because I'm PMS right now -.-

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