Big Bad Wolf

by - December 10, 2017

Finally, i got a chance to go to the Big Bad Wolf book fair this year. The books were so cheap, half and above the discounts. I was so shocked seeing everyone pulled a full of trolley with the books. Each of them bought a lot of books. A LOT! Are you really read all of the books you brought?? So amazing. You have my respect.

Actually what's the meaning of BBW? I'm still wondering hmmhmm. Can anyone xplain?

I went there with Ain. And this is what I got for myself.

Three is more than enough for a newbie likes me.

Actually, before went there, I had listed & reviewed some interesting books to buy but unfortunately, they were not there! I'm so frustrating but I hope these books are interesting to read!

Till then. I hope I can finish reading these.

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