Wina's Bridal Shower

by - September 24, 2017

Assalamualaikum ^_^

Is it a bridal shower? No? Nah. I dont know either. We're just having fun celebrating our friend going to get married in less a month and try to cheerish her up as she's in a stress period. 

So is this celebration match to a definition of bridal shower?

The planning was so chaotic. We changed the venue for a few times. From plannig an overnight in hotel to Ampang Floral cafe to Petaling Jaya'cafe and last to Shah Alam's cafe. Hewww. Everything was finally decided just a few hours before the event. But thanks God, everything went well. 

Wina is my closest friend in the office. We are attached for almost 3 years started from our beggining of employment as both of us were new in the group. We spent a lot of times together during the 8 hours of office day. We shared our secrets. I deeply touched when she's not hesitate to share her stories to me. She made me felt so important, trustable, and appreciated. And i shared a lots to her too. Even the simplest thing. She always checked on me whether I'm okay or not for almost everyday. And she incredible-ly could tell if I'm not okay. Seriouslu this girl.

I do love her. She's so caring and lovely. She made me learn to appreaciate myself more. And i honestly feel lucky to know you Wina. 

Wina, after all of these preparation, you're going to be a bride soon, just for a day - and maybe for two or three days- and you're going to be a wife too, for the rest of your life. You may seen everything is so diffuclt right now but keep on going baby. Don't hesitate your decision now, remember why you started, from the first day and until now, after 5+ years of relationship with him this gonna be the only end that you really wish for right? Keep on going. 

Rainbow doesn't comes without a rain. With the hardships come the ease. Have faith in Allah and keep praying for the best. Have patience and you'll see the beauty on it later. 

Wina, you know what, you're in one of the lucky people. Not every story has a happy tales ending. Since we both sharing a lot of our love stories, im happy you find your destiny but you know kan, I'm failed in the middle of bridge. Everyone struggles for the happy ending but i didn't make it. So, be grateful okay? Appreciate it a lot. But ya, it wont be easy hehehehhehe.

I'm extremely happy for you. May Allah ease your way darling. 

Till then. XOXO #loveyou #countingdays

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