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Ahh so tired. I just wanna close my eyes right now but unfortunately I'm at outside.
So sabarlah sikit lagi ye. So, lets blog!

Today is a public holiday and so Jaja and I were making a last minute plan to go swimming. Luckily, i knew one of the best swimming pool in Petaling Jaya but I never go swim there. Tahu pun sebab pernah teman someone before. Ehem.

We went there at 9AM. The pool is located near to Paradigm Mall. Parking is free for public and weekend, but i've no idea for weekdays. Here is the latest entrance fee.


There are 3 large pools provided ; one is for children and family, one is strictly for girl and one is mix I guess? I just loveeee this place because it was quite relaxing as it was not crowded at all (or I just get lucky this time?) and i really really enjoyed a big freedom in a pool. We swam from north to south, west to east freelyyyy wheeeee~The water is so clean and the odor of chlorine is almost gone.

Swimming pool lelaki

Swimming pool perempuan.
Nampak tak kosong dia cane? Adalah lam 10 orang je masa ni.

Wear entire?

Yes, i dont know they gonna be so strict for this. Kiteorang pakai baju jersey sesiap dengan harapan yg tinggi dapatlah masuk pool. Butt teettt! We were wrong. Dari jauh life guard datang bagitau baju kiteorang tak lepas. Huh!! So we need to rent swimming suit provided with RM5. Luckily ada kan?, kalau tak sesia bayar entrance fee, kena halau keluar huu. P/s: If you are a girl, make sure you prepare inner sesiap kalau nak sewa suit sebab baju dia ada lubang lubang and tak banyak baju lengan panjang.

We spent almost 2 hours there, dan rasanya kiteorang penggunjung yang paling lama hahaha. I enjoyed swimming but I wish I were better. I not really able to catch up to breath while swim. So, banyak kali jugak lah tertelan air wuuuuuuuuu. Pastu mudah je semputt. Itsokehh practise make perfect!

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Till then.

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