My Body Health's Screening

by - September 18, 2017

Happy Monday ^^

I took my day off today and went to Giant Hypermarket for buying some stuffs. On my way to the ATM, i saw a booth opened for free health screening. Excitedly, I took my steps toward it. It's a booth from National Kidney Foundation Malaysia. I love to try this. Okay, lets do it!

I'm happy to see elders volunteerly come and take this test. It's happy to know they have an awareness towards their own health. 

This test consists of 6 checks. First was BMI ; Body Weight & Height. 
I smiled from ear to ear once the staff informed my weight. I lost 2kilo!!!!
Like seriously??!!! I have been waiting to heard this news for a long years. How little I ate before, my weight never going down. So, starting today I'm gonna fill in any form with this new body's weight value. Eventho yaa, I know I will gain weight in no times later. But whateva, I've a proof okay??
Today's test really made my day ^_________^

The second check was waist circumference. I got 77cm over the normal 80cm. 

The third was blood pressure test. 
With the glad heart, I happily announce that I'm free from high blood disease. Alhamdulillah. 

The main intention I took this test is to know bout my blood's glucose level / diabetes as my late dad & grandpa had it. So, the possibility to inherit it might be high. My best friend, Jie, always scold me whenever she saw me eating sweet foods and she always always always remind me to reduce my craziness toward chocolate as she know I'm so stubborn. Chocolate is like a must to me how could i resist it 😜

And Dr.Najihah, if you read this, I would like to thanks to you for taking care of me. So far I'm free from diabetes and hope i'll never get it. Thanks for loving me :))

Oh God, I just remember I order 6 bars of chocolate from my friends last week. It's okay Dr. Najihah, i wish you dont read this. My God blesses me. 

And the last test was Cholesterol test. 
My result exceed the normal level but it's still under controlable huhuhuuuuuuu. 
I think this result is wrong as i THINK I'm taking care of my food intake. I rarely take junk and fast foods, fat or oily foods. But unfortunantely no, it's not wrong. 

Foods with high cholesterol / 
Antara makanan yang mempunyai kolestrol yg tinggi :

- Kepala : kepala ikan, kepala sotong, kepala udang
-kuning telur , organ dalaman , seafoods. 

Kalau susah nak jaga makan, the best way to reduce cholesterol in our body is by exercise! 
Jom hiking balik! Hiks. 

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