No More Ghost Story Please?

by - September 09, 2017


Finallyyyyy! It’s weekend!! Nothing more exciting me once I opened my eyes today.

Straight on the past weekdays I came home for too late and took bath at 11pm. So tired! So, when people asked wont I go out as no one else gonna be in this two-story house today, I decided to stay home. I would rather be at home alone and enjoy my day off. I want to clean up my room and be lazy on the bed.

It was still early in the morning and like always, when it comes to the weekend my eyes didnt want to close. I felt betrayal.

So, I got my ass off the bed, I started my day by doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen. My kitchen was so mess. Seriously, a lot of previous tenant’s stuffs were there. So, I just threw out stuffs that have not been touch for a year. (Sorry if I threw yours. Haha) Mopping the floor and sort of stuffs. Start cooking for lunch and by 100pm everthing was done. *pat my back*

“Here” & “Wild” – by Alessia Cara ft Troye Sivan live version, play on the background to accompany me. Oh God, their voice!!!! I keep repeating it straight for a week. Easily addicted.

Okay, back to the title. 

Last week i've been force to accompany my friends watched movie at the cinema (night slot) as we were so long not hanging out together. But after heard the movie’s title ; (Annabelle 2) I explicitly refused to join them. Any movie is fine but not ghost story please? But after they persuaded me for a bit long and for the sake of friendships, I joined them. It was 10+pm and I just came out from office with my tired and sweaty body.

I watched the movie for about 30 minutes, and I can’t take it anymore, my heart beat fast as I keep surprised for the scary scenes. I watched through my shawl covered the eyes but still I keep easily shocked even for the not-so-scary scene. Do I've lemah jantung??! I ranted inside. And as I got more tired, I just closed my eyes and wasted my ticket's money. ‘No more Ghost movie after this’ I swear to myself.

My friend asked me why suddenly I refused to watch Ghost movie anymore, in fact, for the past time being, I was the one who chose to watch The Conjuring & Khurafat at midnight in cinema. I was the one who will chose to watch ghost movie whenever we’ve movie session at home. Myself paused for a few minutes before I answered her. I was throwing back for the reasons why I was so strictly to myself with ‘No More Ghost Movie at Cinema’.

It started when I’ve to drive at night. Midnight to be accurate. I've a couple of times driving passed 12am along a lonely and no street-lamp street. At LPT and Bukit Besi road. But so far I was never been alone. Oh, wait! I was last week! At 1AM! You know, when you drive at night, you have to stay peace and calm so that your passengers won’t scare you, eventhough you yourself are so scare and your heart is pumping fast inside and waiting for the time to explode. However, there is nothing there. There is nothing at the road to be scare of. Then I asked myself, why suddenly my heart became weaker and be so chicken?

It’s all because of imagination. 



If you’ve watched Khurafat, you might know how the movie looks like. There’s a scene when your car broke in the middle of nowhere and suddenly a kid appear with a ball and you die. There’s a scene where you look at the back middle mirror, and you see a ghost at the back seat. Oh God, ghost movie really kills me. I’m okay even if I’m all alone in a house or can’t sleep at 3am. I'm okay. I can beat that frightening feeling but not when I’m driving. I did imagine there’s a ghost at the back seat while driving back home along the LPT. It was a long roadddd and no car else at the both lane. 

I also did imagine there was 'a white thing' along the lonely road at Bukit Besi because it was so dark (1am driving), no street lamp and the only white light’s source was from my car, so when it beamed to all the things along the road, it became luminous and ‘that white thing’ keep came to my imagination. I’m scared but I cant said it loud as I dont want to scare my passenger and if that happen they will pressure me more. My feet became shiver and cold.

Last year, i have been driving at midnight to go to my friend’s house at Kelantan, and waze directing us to the small road in a quiet village and stopped us at the wrong-scary-house. Once we stopped there, a scary-man came outside and told that we were at the wrong place and swear, I want to cry at that time because it was so terrified but as a driver I need to keep calm. Goshh. Along the way, i recited all the surah i knew.

So since all of these happened, I strictly put a big NO to a ghost movie anymore since it harms me. Mentally. I used to be a strong and brave girl before and I need to gain it back! Dont call me a chicken if you never experience all of these. Huuuu  #PrayForNoni

Huuu this entry suddenly become 'fierce'?

Hik Hikk Hiksss gelak sikit

Wake me up only when the movie is end. 

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