Saya Ok, Saya Dah Besar!

by - April 21, 2013

selamat pagi. 

it's me, much time.

knowing me and getting friend with me are two different things. 
i'm a girl who not simply telling my story, secret or feeling to others. 
because whenever i start open my mouth about it, 
i felt like me burden others. and i dont like it. 
but sometimes, in this blog i did *nodding*

so, i guess, my true friend should understand why i cant tell the story 
even u forcing me too. please dont be sad. I never differentiate anybody. 
if u knew me well, u'll notice whenever i being happy,
being down, being sad and being hurt. 
and whenever i got your attention, i I feel appreciated. i thank you.

' once u're my friends, u're my friends forever. '
i love you guys :)

"Everything happens for a reason, the hard part is finding out what that reason is."

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