it's dangerous?

by - April 13, 2013

it's dangerous?
riding a motorcycle alone for half of an hour through the tough and silent road ?

Yes, it is. For a girl like me. I admit. it's dangerous. 

but for forever afraid of something, 
for forever thinking of i shoudnt do that, 
i cant do that or i'm not allowed to do that. 
 i think i should get out of that circle. 

Even, yaa, someone say, "please listen to the elder",
i know i should obey it.
but i dont think i'm being rude for argue/against the command. 

am i rite?

I know I should be thankful for the people, who are worry about me, 
cares about me. But sometime please dont think about ol of the negative effect until we cant see the +ve effect is more more better give de benefit.  



ok, dont take this too serius. 
my intention is just i dont want to make anybody worry about me,
i sure i'll do something without slip thinking about each of you :)

because u know, i love you. All of you. 

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