actually, life is so beautiful...

by - October 29, 2012

"Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. 
You have to let go at some point in order to move forward."

yes. i admitted. it is very hard to let everything we loves away. 
it's just like, me wanna stop de happy time right now. 

having all of family members gather together, talking, eating and sharing a joyful moments.
forever wanna being a child, be childish, be pampered. 

having good and nice friends to full all days from being alone.
we share de story, smile, heart, favorite, unlike, experiences, angry and sad together.

feel like me forever wanna being a high school students, a collage student,
dont want the title student disappear and never want de title worker comes.


sometime sampai tertanya tanya, 
why should dis life should move on and leave all the memories behind ?
why should people changes and forget their past ?  
why should i grow up ?
why should my parents getting old and weak?
why there are nice and bad people?
why there are rich and poor people?
why there are beauty and ugly people?
why should people came and leaves.

and . . . . 

people, please dont die ! 

ketahuilah hati. dis is ol from setan.
setan loves to see musuh musuh mereka sesat dalam nyata,
keliru dalam terang. 
musuh-musuh mereka tak reti bersyukur.
dats why lah orang tua-tua marah sangat kalau tengok anak cucu cicit mereka berangan.
masa kita tengah berangan cepat sangat setan suke pengaruhi fikiran kita, hati kita.
fikir banyak benda yang bukan bukan.
fikir yang dunia ni tak adil. 
and after dat we will believe de God yang tak adil. 

astarfirullah alazim .  (!_!)

actually, life is very beautiful, very very beautiful . . .
believe dat everything happened for its own reasons. 
the hard and even de happy times happened for de reasons.
Allah knows what the best for us.
He gives us what we need not what we want in our life.
maybe we're never know de reasons it's know, but later, believer, we're appreciate for that.

we plan our life,
but He is the best and greatest planner.

setia kali rasa gelisah, sujud dan mengadulah.
setiap kali dalam kesukaran, sujud dan mengadulah. 
dan tiap kali dalam senang, sujud dan bersyukurlah...

mohon hati agar lebih kuat, mohon hati agar lebih tabah. 
mohon hati agar sentiasa dalam jagaan-Nya. 
Allah uji hambaNya mengikut keupayaan mereka. 
dan,   kita tak layak untuk mengeluh.   

ya Allah. teguhkan lah iman ku dan kami semua hamba-hambaMU .

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