Thursday, May 31, 2012

try to love.

i try to love u de same way i love my old friend before .

i try to make me comfortable with me like de same way i did it before .

i try to see and face u everyday i free .

i try to solve your problems like what i did before .

i try to like u de way i like de person who introduce u to me . 

i try . try and try without give up . 

but now, u messed  me up . 

u step away back when i step one closer .  

u turned back when i start to love u .

u shud understand me either .

i cant be with u 24 / 7 .

i have many others to being together too .

i've a lot of stuff things to do .

i've my own private time too .  

soo, please . 

i'm begging u .

please loving me de way i did .



O Allah, keep me stronger .

only a little more time to go .

fighting !

nampak tak betape bosannye aku jawab akaun sampai siap boleh siap satu entry . pffft .

#old friend : add math <3

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