if and only if .

by - June 01, 2012

-If I could only stop the time - 
I don’t want the days to pass.
I don’t want the minutes to mark, 
Or the seconds to walk.

If only I could stop time.
I would be able to fix things
Without having to regret them.

I would be able to live again, 
All my happy memories.
And always bring them with me, 
To any place I leave.
But unfortunately, 
this things only happen, 
In fairy tale stories, 
dreams or t.v.

now that I've aged 20 years.
time is not the same as 15 years ago.
the way we speak. 
the way we play. 
the way we talk. 
and topics we talked.

time pull we away.
together with de memories . 
but i knew, u'll always stay there .

deep . deep . and deeper .

in my heart .

nothing cant separate us. 
withou HIS power.

even i'm not very closer to all of u . but u shud know . u're top in my heart . olwes.

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