your absent .

by - December 10, 2012

almost 80 days passed now .
but i cant still accept your absent . 
my heart everyday never pass from remembering you .
you always in my heart my mind and my pray . 

daddy , 
i missed u soooooooo mucchh !
almost every week i cried in my pray . 
i cried in my blanket until i slept .
i hope u are happy there . 
because, yes, i still cant accept for your absent .

now there are a distance between us .
a distance which no one can go through .
either you nor me .
but from a far here we contact .
i try my best to help you .
because you are my father, my one and only father .
and forever will be my father .
before after and ever . 

sori .

if i too much .

i just cant control from missing u a lot.

because you are a part of my heart and my life . 

i love you till jannah .

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