Welcoming 2018!

by - January 05, 2018

It's still not too late to wish a Happy New Yeaaaaaar right??
Happy New Year everyone! I wish you a better year onwards!

Today is 5th January and I'm doing great so far hmm lets see, I'm not causing any trouble and I'm not admitted to the hospital yet! hahaha hopefully not anymore.

I have a long wishlist that I want to achieve, and long things-to-do list that I wanna do this year, and I wish I could right-ticked on all of them. I want to have a better year, be a better me, have a better life style, and a better environment surround me. I wish I could be a more "giver", I want learn to cook a variety of meals, and the most thing I hope I could change is my postpone-attitude. Sikap suka bertangguh. Bertangguh dalam semua aspek, solat, kerja, doing simple stuff etc etc...

List down your wishs, dreams, or your goals so that you know what you are doing, so that you could have a better journey of life, so that you could achieve something big in your life, so that your life wont be wasted again, so that you can be more disciplin! Trust me its help!

I will separately list mine too and I wanna do a lot of the things I scared of this year.

.....and finish reading all the books I bought.
.......and doing exercise more frequently.

......and saving more money.

I wish you all the blessings throughout the year ❤❤❤❤❤

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