by - January 07, 2018

Dear diary,

Since I didn't buy a new diary yet for this year, and because I'm the type of writing things down to let them go out of my mind, to empty my mind, so allow me to use this site....

I caught myself zoned out more frequent recently. It was like I was doing things in the 'auto-mode'. My hand and my body carried the works, but not my mind. I calmed myself by thought it was a natural-behaviour, many people did that, so I was letting thing goes. Until, things happened today....

I was driving this evening, I want to get out from the parking zone, I paid parking-fee, and drove my car. I followed the movement of the car infront of me, when the car went slow, I  drove slow, when it went fast, I stay close. The car stopped at a point to do some stuff and when it moved forward I moved too. 

And suddenly paaaaaaangggg!

Something hard hit my car's roof. I've no idea what was happened until a second later I realized I just went thru the parking's crossbar without inserting my pass-ticket. And I realized ohh the car was stopped to insert the parking ticket into the small box so that the cross-bar thing will go up. I was so blur. Fortunately, nothing worse happened, just a little scratch.

After that, I decided to go to somewhere. The entrance road's signs were so unclear due to some construction. Weird thing happened again. I dont realize I just took an opposite path to the parking lot. I realized it once the car in front of me stopped his car to wait for me passed through. I felt so embarrased. Lucky, there was not so much people. What the heck i was thinkinggg until my mind was soooo empty?!

And again, when I was walking last night, I felt so dizzy, I cant walk straight. Things are getting weird recently.

It seems like I had lost my focus...

This is what we called 'bad thing happened without a knock...' Always be careful.

Maybe I didn't get an enough rest #areyousure?

It's already passed midnight and I need to sleep.
Till then.

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