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Have you ever read an article about how bad a child can turn cause by being addict to the gadget? About how children nowadays growing up with the technology and spending their day with the gadget in hands? Waking up in the morning asking for their parents' phone and going to sleep from the entertaiment on phone?. Initially, their parents have a good intention to provide an early eduction to their children by listening to the songs, pronunciations and virtual stories but unfortunately, these end up give the bad impacts towards their children' growth. A lot of bad impacts - stunt growth of the brain, selfish, communication problem, uninterested with a lot of living things because they are used with the cartoon and magic fantasy world, and the critical is it can affected their health problem - brain and eyes particularly.

Based on all of the articles that I'd read, majority of parents are regretting for their early exposure of gadget and a poor observation toward their children. (because I still can see the good impacts from that technology (in-control monitoring)).

If long time ago, we believe, an autism child is something that happened naturally, but shock to know, today, an autism child is also can be happen due to early exposure of gadget to children.

I remembered one day when I was taking care of niece, due to the excitement, I want to have fun with her, so I switched on my phone and showed her a lot of videos from utube. I was so happy as she was smiling, behaving, laughing and having fun with the videos. And once my brother noticed I did that, he asked me to turn it off. My niece cried a lot, and keep asking to watch it more but my brother forbid it firmly. And now I realize, my brother did a very good job for her daughter *salute*

This post went unintentionally long from what I wanna highlight, because I'm in a bit of emotional knowing a lot of parents failed to prevent this bad thing T.T and read all of the stories made me realise I've been through the same addiction gadget syndrome as I mentioned above. The only differ of that is I am an adult and I can think to control it by myself.

To be honest, I cant live without phone. I am addicted to the internet. I can spent the whole day without boring with the phone and laptop and internet.  I wasted a lot of my time, being lazy, started to postpone my houseworks by scrolling down the socmeds.  I can sleep at 2AM by browsing online. I regretted it later but I kept doing the same things. And the worst part, my obsession of phone is I'm using it while driving. A lot of times. Like always! Ya I know it's so so dangerous and sometimes I caught myself in the danger state as I was texting while driving but you know I cant stop myself as driving alone make me so so bored.

A few months ago, I tried to prevent this habit from getting worser, I deactivated my instagram for one month, and it worked! - I started blogging back, I started reading books, I found my life calmer and better, but it only lasted for a month hehehe. Due to the addiction to the virtual world, I became poor/uninterested with human communication.

As I writing this on 1st January, i gonna take a challenge to reduce my time with the phone. I cant live without internet as it's important towards my life - my family, my job, emails and my day routines - so I cant stop subscribe to the internet. But I will challenge myself to prioritize a real world I live, to prioritize myself than others, to more face-to-face communication and to appreciate what is infront of me more than the happiness I found through the virtual world.

One of my azam 2018. Happy New Year!

Till then. I wish you the same good thing!

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