by - January 14, 2018

Big thanks to my friend, Jihah for making one of my weekend memorable. I guess I might not be able to remember these details in my future, so before I forget everything blank, I want to write this down.

Jihah ni buzy, off sehari je seminggu. Walaupun memasing duduk takde lah jauh sangat tapi bukannya selalu boleh jumpa. Tapi bila dia cakap dia boleh make time, dia nak kita yang plan semuanya. "Aku boleh jumpa weekend ni, tapi makesure mu plan everything sesiap..." Tapi sebbaik bff ketat ketat, we are okay tu argue, and okay ajee pape pun. Eventho lepas aku plan ni, ade je mende yang dia akan disagree later, but lantaklahhh, she had no choice. Hahahaha.

Aku plan aku nak jumpa Izaty, since her tummy is growing big, we never seeing each other yet. But she was always so buzy and exhausted and she needed her off day to get rest on the bed, so I proposed my plan to Najihah that I want to make a surprise to Izaty by jumping into her house. Remember guys, Najihah will agree no matter what as long as aku yang aturkan semua #thepowerofbestfriend. Aku contact Izaty's husband and he said Izaty only free on Saturday meanwhile Jihah only free on Sunday. Adjust punya adjust ok, kita jump into her house after Jihah finished her work on Saturday.

Lepas asar aku keluar belikan lauk nasik ; tomyam and daging merah. Nasik aku dah masak sesiap and dah goreng ayam sekali. By 6pm, Jihah dah sampai nak pickup aku, I put all the things and all the foods at the back seat and since she was so tired, so she let me handle her streering wheel. By a minute I was about the drive, I looked at her and guesssss whaaatttt!!! she already finished eating ALL of my fried chicken! Bila masa dia ambikk??? Ohhhmaigaaadddd that chicken are for tonite's dinner!!! but okay #thepowerofbestfriend . I let she ate. Are all the doctors this hungry?

By 7pm we arrived at Izaty's apartment. Takde adab gila kan datang rumah orang waktu Maghrib hahaha tapi nak buat macam mana susah sangat nak jumpa, kalah menterii. Tapi hiks #thepowerofbestfriend , Izaty wont say no. Hiks. Surpriseeee Izatyyyy! We were glad she was happy with our presence. Of course she will. Thanks to her husband for the cooperation! We had our dinner together, prayer time and a long chatting time until Jihah fell asleep in front of scary movie ❤

By 11pm, which Jihah supposely send me home, but instead of that I had to send her home because of this........but the thrill part was I didnt bring anything for sleepover. #siandokterpenat

I ended up waking up from Jie's house. Good morning Jihah!

And today she will send me home! But along the way to my house, we were stopping by 4 malls. Dasyat betul Jihah punya level nak fill in dia punya off day or to be exact, dia punya fussy hiksss.

Kiteorang keluar dari rumah pukul 11am, dia cakap dia nak tengok wayang, and aku bagi syarat kalau nak tengok wayang, kena pergi TGV je, sbb aku nak yang Rm10 je ticket. Movie pukul 2, so still have time, dia nak shopping sat, dia nak mall yang besar, so aku bawak dia pergi Paradigm mall. kiteorang masuk almost all the clothes stores, masuk kedai buku and a few more stores, and dasyat tak dasyat by 1pm kiteorang boleh abis round mall and lucky she got what she wanted.
By 1pm and nak checkout keluar dah 1.15pm, dia nak beli groceries tapi tak nak kat situ, so aku bawak dia pergi nearest Giant mall. Mengada tak mengada padahal dalam Paradigm ada je Tesco #sebbaiksayang. Nak cakap kiteorang laju takde lah sangat merata jugak pusing dalam Giant, que nak bayar pun boleh tahan sebab arini hari Ahad, tapi tak tahu lah magic macam mana by 1.45, we managed to finish groceries shopping. Ticket wayang pukul 2, so we speeded up to third mall untuk tengok wayang.

By 210 kiteorang sampai beli tikcet and went to solat first. by 230pm baru kiteorang masuk huhuhuhu. Around 4+pm movie habis, and we were so clingy to each other macam alaaa taknak separate, but Jihah had to go home, she wanted to rest as she was so tired and the next day she needed to wake up early. I took her to 4th mall, which was Amcorp mall, just to chill and makan Tomyam kat Family Mart. Seronok tengok dia happy. Seronok tengok dia boleh chill around before start balik round ward the next day hihihihi.

Till we meet again Jihah! Sorry to cancel our plan next week.
Nanti kita g trip sesama k ❤

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