Iftar - Padang Kemerdekaan Shah Alam 2017

by - June 05, 2017

Oh dudeeee, can you see my newest post was on when?
Betul lah orang cakap, by the end of the day we only regretted by the things we didn’t did.
So here comes my regretting! dush dush dush I’m so lazy.
Skip all the old things happened that I have a lot to story and I guess the best thing to do now is let’s start with the latest thing I did.
Yesterday. 9th Ramadhan.
Tudiaaaaaaaaa, dari January terus langkah masuk ramadhan, -.-'
Alhamdulillah, our plan went smooth. We had a very good quality time together. A big thanks to my friends who are willing to hangout together despite of our schedule acecececece. Yes I’ve no day-skipped for this week. Working both days of my weekend! Monday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Friday.

Hari Sabtu tu lagi haruuuuu, berbuka sengsorang je kat office in front of my lappy with the sip of plain water. And at that time boleh pulak my Mum whatapps asked me whether I already break my fasting or not. Mmg I ignore je dulu mesej tu at that time, huhu sorry mommy, I cant admitted to you that I didn’t have a proper fast-breaking again – which is I don’t want to hurt you.  Sharp on 745pm baru rushing keluar office and pergi kedai makan. Luckily, the restaurant is just in front of the Masjid, so i parked there, having my meal and rushing to pray. And Alhamdulillah no-skipping terawih due to over-working! Love that.
So continue to the 9th Ramadhan’s story..................

Having fun with them. Flying with love from PJ to Shah Alam! Sebelum ke tempat iftoruddin, kiteorang singgah Bazaar Stadium Shah Alam, lama nya tak pergi bazaar. Rasa macam semua nak beli, semua nampak sedap, semua benda terliur, fuhh sib baik iman kuat. Bazaar ni besar, everything you want is there, name it, Ayam Bakar, Kambing Bakar, Nasi Kerabu,Ayam Seringgit, Itik bakar pun ada k. I just grab Kerang bakar RM6 + Nasi Kukus Ayam RM6 + Air Soya RM2.  Tiga tiga makanan yang I beli ni sedap. Siap dengan bangga lagi lepas tu cakap, “Jaja tengokkkk! Aku habiskan makanan aku. Amazinggggg!”  - Yes, I have no appetite lately. Totally off.
Parking pun okay sangat, takyah jauh sgt pun jalan even waktu tu kiteorang sampai dah around 6. Tapi yang tak bestnya, JAAAAAMMMMMEEEDDDD! Too many people there.

We decided to iftar together at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam. The field is nice, clean and biggg! So no issue if you are worried about no seating place. Tapi yang tak nice nya sama lah macam tadi, stuck in the jammed and because we are super duper late, so there is no parking nearby the park. Kena jalan jauh sikit sampaikan  Tok Bilal dah azan Maghrib pun we are still in the car. So, Iftar in the car with my friends was checked. Hhehe. Memorable.

I love this small simple event.
Dont worry and don’t making any excuses to skip the Maghrib prayer sebab nearby this Padang, they already set up a tent for pray, wudhuk pun boleh ambik inside that tent je. Lupa bawak telekung pun, dalam tu dah siap sediakkan telekung. Allah mudahkan semuanya. Niat yang bebaik. Gitteewwww.
Siap Solat Isyak, we flew to another hangout spot. Huhu. Terskip terawih this night L
Kiteorang singgah Kedai Cake Jalan Tiong.

Catch up session with each others personal progreesion for almost an hour. Semua cerita keluar. Congratulation on your engagement Zaty!Semoga ke jinjang (?) pelamin okehhh. Inshaallah i will come for that one beautiful day. Pandai betul diaorang korek cerita aku. Luckily to have friends who always support me thru my ups and downs. I’m so lucky I swear. Don’t beg for someone attention okay?
Catch up session has to be stop by 11pm as the cafe need to be close. And guess what?! Alhamdulillah Kiteorang dapat rezeki lebih. We got 4 extra pieces of cakes from the shop owner! Thank you so much. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki.
Plan asal, we are going back after that yealh dah malam sgt, tapi dia macam tak puas wei jumpa kejap je, cerita pun tak habis lagi, pastu ade modal pulak kek ada lagi ni , so we need stop somewhere to eat them. Damn. HAHAHAHA. That’s how we just make up an acceptable excuse because actually are not ready to say bye-bye yet. Disebabkan taknak kena halau lagi, so MAMAK is the best place to lepak! HAHAHA. Sampai sana boleh pulak order roti cheese naan. Ape perangai laahh. Ko tak kenyang ke woi! Too much good laughters – which is i release half of my stress and gain a lot of new spirits to keep moving on in life from my beloved friends, and seriously, I wish I don’t have to go back last night because a night is not enuf to cover a lot of our stories. Unfortunately, tomorrow is MONDAY!!! And I need to work.
Clock is ticking, time is passing by and night is getting darker. At 0030 we are heading back with a heavy-heart but Inshaallah don’t worry let’s looking forward for Iftar2.0 okehhhh dear friends hikhik.

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