A Foreigner!

by - June 17, 2017

Usually after cleaning up myself, break-fasting, perform Maghrib prayer, i manage to arrive 15 minutes early at Masjid Bulat before Adzan Isyak. Finding a spot, perform Sunat prayer and catch a few minutes to recite AlQuran.

I guess my voice is too loud which can be heard by 4meter circumferences people around me. Frankly speaking, I dont know how to keep it low. Wuwuwuwu... Yesterday, while recite, a woman came and sat beside me, she was wearing a black telekung. I turned my head to her and draw a friendly smile. She is a foreigner! She sat very close to me-very close, opened her ears to my voice and her eyes on my reading. After I finished one line without reading-error she said 'good' and whenever I pronounced it wrongs she will right me rightaway. But the session only last for 5 minutes because it was already time for Isyak prayer.

I feel so good and making an intention to meet her again today. I will find her, sit beside her and will ask for her guide again. Hahaha tak malu. But it's only a hope that will not comes true. I'm in my red phase again. What a waste!

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